Managers can now create Pay Run Tasks

Create Pay Run Tasks

Up until now, only full access users have had the privilege of using our Pay Run Tasks feature. So we had a light bulb moment and thought, why restrict something that's so beneficial to a business? As such, we have now extended this feature to make it available to all user types!

It's fair to say that employees interact more with their managers as opposed to HR/payroll on a daily basis. Managers are responsible for implementing business processes that can affect an employee's pay. The payroll team then needs to be informed otherwise chaos ensues. Examples of employee changes payroll need to be told about include:

  1. New employee setup, including pay details;
  2. Employee bonuses;
  3. Pay rate adjustments;
  4. Higher duties;
  5. Terminations and associated payout details;
  6. Processing deposits for using company property, eg uniforms, tablets, etc
  7. Reduction or increase in employee weekly hours;
  8. Change in employment status.

The list goes on and on and on and on.

You can avoid the constant phone calls, emails, spreadsheets and faxes (yes, people still fax!) when communicating a pay run instruction by allowing managers to create pay run tasks. This solution is also perfect for payroll bureau providers whose clients are not provided with full access permissions.

The other obvious benefit here is that all pay run adjustments are located in one central area - within the pay run itself!

How do I set up a Manager with pay run tasks permissions?

As with all permissions for restricted users, the 'Manage Users' screen is the place to go for managing permissions. For each user set up, you will see an additional permission for Tasks:

Create Pay Run Tasks

Selecting the checkbox will activate the Tasks feature for a manager.

Will payroll know when a pay run task has been created?

An additional notification setting has been added for full access users to be sent an email once a pay run task has been submitted. You will need to activate this setting via the 'My Notifications' screen.

Create Pay Run Tasks

This allows the payroll team to manage any tasks prior to the affected pay run and seek clarification where required, thereby eliminating any last minute running around.

Our Managers don't have permission to view ALL employees in the business.

No problem!

Managers can only create and view tasks for employees specifically assigned to them. You can set up these permissions via employee group access and/or location access from the 'Manage Users' screen.

But wait, there's more!

While we've been tinkering away with Manager access to pay run tasks, we decided to throw in a few more goodies. Users will also get access to the following additional pay run tasks enhancements:

  1. New report - Tasks Report: We have added a new report to our current suite. The Tasks Report displays a list of tasks over a defined date range or specific pay run, the creation and due date and completion status. This report is automatically available to full access users. Manage access for restricted users through the 'Manage Users' screen.
  2. Add attachments to tasks: When creating or managing a pay run task, users can add an attachment relevant to that task. This provides payroll with additional information required and/or substantiates why a certain task needs to be performed.
  3. Add private notes to tasks: A full access user can choose whether a Manager can view a note they have added to a pay run task. If you select this option, only full access users will view the note and the note will not appear in the Tasks Report. Full access users also have the ability to add subsequent notes to a task created by a Manager.
Create Pay Run Tasks

Pay run tasks will be available to all our subscribers.

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