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Welcome to The Pay Off Podcast

KeyPay was built on the aspirations of challenging conventional ways of working. We're naturally curious about innovation, different company cultures and how businesses tick - and that’s what The Pay Off Podcast is all about.

Our hosts Kate Brown and Niamh Moloney have a beer and a chat with interesting guests - from a range of different industries and backgrounds - about business done differently, and how it pays off.

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Episode 15 | CEO of Employment Innovations, Shane Duffy: The "Accidental" CEO

We chat with Shane about his role as CEO, how EI innovates and retains staff, and the importance of technology in their success.
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Episode 14 | Peter Harris, Head of Global Partnerships at Intuit: Solving customer problems through partnerships

Pete Harris, Intuit's Head of Global Partnerships, speaks about forging strong partnerships and the power of collaboration.
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Bonus episodes | Featuring a selection of our previous guests

Previous podcast guests respond to quick-fire questions from Kate and Niamh.
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Episode 13 | CEO & Co-founder of Insurtech Australia Rita Yates: Fostering innovation in the workplace

Insurtech Australia CEO Rita speaks innovation, working with startups, and relationship building.
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Episode 12 | Director of Evolution Business Systems, Paul Woods: Creating the dream company culture

Paul Woods from EBS joins us to discuss culture, tailoring benefits to individuals, and Mr. Popcorn the famous office dog.
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Episode 11 | Author and entrepreneur Yemi Penn: Creating your own path

Entrepreneur Yemi Penn encourages us to create our own paths and sway away from the conventionally perceived idea of success.
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Episode 10 | Co-founder and COO of Code Camp, Hayley Markham: Inspiring young minds

Back in February, Hayley Markham took time out to chat with us about the benefits of coding on young, malleable minds.
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Episode 9 | Restaurant Owner Adam Cheers: Helping restaurants through COVID-19

Restaurant owner Adam pivoted his venues to survive COVID-19 and reduced financial risk by avoiding external delivery commissions.
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Episode 8 | Diane and Paula, Shout Social Pages: The importance of social media in today's changing world

Diane and Paula from Shout Social Pages discuss the importance of using social media to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.
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Bonus Episode | Owner of Fabulous Catering, Adam Pope: Innovating through challenging times

We chat to Adam Pope about pivoting his business model with one goal in mind - survive COVID-19 with his business and team intact.
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Episode 7 | Co-founder of Vitae, Shelley Laslett: Retraining your brain for positive change

Shelley Laslett - co-founder of Vitae - talks neuroscience, fighting against internal biases, and unlocking your full potential.
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Episode 6 | Managing Director of Workplace Law, Athena Koelmeyer: Promoting gender equality

Athena Koelmeyer, Managing Director of Workplace Law, discusses promoting gender equality and a happy working environment.
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Episode 5 | Co-founder of Lightyear, Roger Gregg: Merging two passions

Roger Gregg, President and Founder of Lightyear, explains how he merges his two passions, hospitality and tech.
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Episode 4 | CEO & Founder Hayley Saddington: Being driven by your mission

Award-winning entrepreneur, founder of HALO Medical Devices and startup advisor Hayley Saddington discusses finding purpose and driving your mission.
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Episode 3 | Entrepreneur James Connelly: Having a ‘winning’ mindset

James Connelly co-founded Fetch Media at age 23, turned it into a £200m turnover business and sold to Dentsu Aegis in 2014. We discuss his road to success.
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Episode 2 | Asana’s Adam Chicktong: The “Just be yourself” strategy

During our chat with Asana’s Adam Chicktong, we discuss what it takes to be a great manager and the importance of establishing a diverse workplace.
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Episode 1 | KeyPay's Richard McLean: The "No one's gonna die" attitude

In the very first episode of The Pay Off Podcast, we chat to KeyPay's co-founder Richard McLean about taking a people-focused approach to business.
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Introducing The Pay Off Podcast

Find out a bit more about The Pay Off Podcast, our hosts, and what you should expect from the series.
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Kate Brown and Niamh Moloney, hosts of KeyPay's Pay Off podcast

About the Hosts

Kate Brown and Niamh Moloney are the ‘token Celts’ of KeyPay (yep - neither of them are Australian, yet they have somehow become the voices of an Australian-born business).

The Scottish and the Irish always have an instant connection. But Kate and Niamh bonded particularly over their love of podcasts and learning about everything imaginable in an audio format - from true crime, to inspirational stories, to innovation case studies.

The KeyPay culture encourages employees to try new things - and The Pay Off Podcast is a product of their exploration.

Kate is KeyPay’s Marketing Manager and has a keen interest in innovation, writing and all things content. Niamh (it’s pronounced Neeve) - KeyPay’s Partner Success Manager - is interested in culture and finding out what makes people tick.

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