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This is an image of a man looking at papers. He is sitting behind a desk.
January 12, 2022

Double the roster templates, with half the effort!

Save time and cut down on manual effort by duplicating existing roster templates. No more re-building your preferred rosters from scratch!
Product News
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December 24, 2021

Employees can now edit and upload their qualification documents!

Employees now have the ability to add a new qualification and edit existing qualifications within the employee portal to save even more time.
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This is a photo of a woman sitting behind a computer at a desk. There is a whiteboard on the wall behind her, she is wearing glasses and is using her mouse to view something on her computer.
December 21, 2021

4 ways to streamline rostering with roster warnings

Introducing our newest feature - roster warning rules! Users can now set up warnings to ensure legislative compliance when creating shifts.
Product News
This is an image of peoples' hands looking at various graphs and charts that are on the table.
December 1, 2021

Enhancements to the terminations tax context panel

With Christmas just around the corner, we're bringing you a feature enhancement - a clearer breakdown of how PAYG is calculated within a termination pay run.
Product News
3 air stewardesses walking in an airport towards the tarmac and a plane. They are wearing blue dresses, and are each pulling along a suitcase behind them.
November 3, 2021

Group 3 modern award pay rates have now been increased

In line with Fair Work's 2.5% increase to the national minimum wage and awards, KeyPay has now updated our Group 3 modern award pay rates.
Product News
A woman sits at a desk and is typing on a computer keyboard with one, and holding up a piece of paper to read. There is a pen between her fingers, as well as a clipboard and a computer mouse on the desk that she is sitting at.
October 28, 2021

Maximise efficiency by bulk importing Employee Advanced Standard Hours

Our new Advanced Standard Hours feature saves time by allowing you to bulk import employees' hours, using an advanced importer to match data without errors.
Product News
A person's hand is seen holding a pen and writing on a piece of paper, whilst they are sitting at a table. There is a Mac laptop on the left side of the photo, and there is a glass containing a liquid beverage in the background of the photo. There is a KeyPay logo in the top left corner of the photo.
September 27, 2021

Save time through splitting earnings by location!

From next week, payroll administrators will now be able to automate the distribution of earnings across different locations.
Product News
KeyPay's Document Acknowledgement Report. Office worker sitting at the desk and looking at her laptop and holding her mobile phone on her left hand.
September 2, 2021

The Document Acknowledgement Report is here!

The new Document Acknowledgement Report will allow KeyPay users to review the acknowledgment status and send reminders at the same time!
Product News
WorkZone's Employee Self Service calendar events
September 1, 2021

Making payroll Employee Self Service even easier: WorkZone's 'calendar events'

With KeyPay’s new WorkZone Calendar Events feature, users can see all calendar events from within the roster screen! No more switching from roster to calendar.
Product News
Bulk update employee pay rates instantly in payroll
June 29, 2021

'Update Pay Rates' tool: Bulk update up to 200 employee pay rates - instantly!

Bulk update your employees’ pay rates quickly and easily using KeyPay’s new Update Pay Rates feature - saving hours of time and manual frustration.
Product News
Restore deleted settings in KeyPay
May 6, 2021

Restore deleted settings in KeyPay with just a click

KeyPay is putting more power into payroll admins' hands and enabling them to restore deleted items themselves, without the hassle of emailing back and forth!
Product News
An iPhone displaying a screen from KeyPay's mobile app - WorkZone's timesheet section. Next to the iPhone is KeyPay's mascot Bertie holding a pencil.
April 7, 2021

WorkZone enhancements - Creating timesheets and editing personal details from the mobile app

Employees can now create timesheets from approved leave requests and rostered shifts. Plus! NZ and SG employees can now edit their personal details in WorkZone.
Employee Self-Service
Work anniversaries in KeyPay's calendar feeds
April 1, 2021

KeyPay's payroll calendar feeds: Improving visibility of work anniversaries

By having work anniversaries in calendar feeds, staff and managers have better visibility and are able to plan ahead for annual reviews or pay increases.
Product News
KeyPay: tracking leave liability provisions in pay run journals
March 29, 2021

NZ payroll: Tracking leave liability provisions in pay run journals

Stay informed of actual costs to the businesses with the ability to journal leave liability provisions in KeyPay.
Product News
Automating pay run finalisation tasks
March 19, 2021

Automating timings for pay run finalisation tasks

Pay run finalisation tasks like reporting and pay slip distribution can now be automated, saving time and manual frustrations.
Product News
Restricted users in KeyPay
March 9, 2021

Maximising security and data access in KeyPay: Enhanced permissions for restricted users

To enhance security and accessibility, KeyPay provides 3 more options of accessing employee details for users.
Product News
New Zealand Tax Year End processing
March 1, 2021

Payroll updates for NZ New Tax Year 2021-2022

New Tax Year is fast approaching in New Zealand. Find out what to expect for payroll in 2021, and how KeyPay is helping users manage Tax Year End.
A Southeast Asian woman in a black shirt is looking through a pile of payslips at her work desk. The text overlaid on the top left hand side of the picture says KeyPay's guide to the Financial Year End in Singapore
February 23, 2021

KeyPay’s guide to the Financial Year End in Singapore

Singapore's Financial Year End process can be overwhelming to tackle. We’ve put together 3 key steps to follow that will make the process a walk in the park.
Transparent Holidays Act calculations
February 18, 2021

Interpreting the Holidays Act with KeyPay: 2 employee scenarios

Ensure you're using the right calculation methods for leave and holiday pay calculations with KeyPay's transparent leave calculations.
Single Touch Payroll Phase 2: Termination reasons
February 3, 2021

Preparing for Single Touch Payroll Phase 2: Reporting termination reasons

STP Phase 2 is coming soon and one of the requirements will be reporting termination reasons. KeyPay has rolled this out in preparation for phase 2 of STP.
Product News
Picture of Bertie holding a browser with KeyBot that indicates "branded payroll". Branded Payroll Management in KeyPay's Partner Dashboard.
November 23, 2020

Branded Payroll Management in the Partner Dashboard

Have easy access to a range of branded payroll functions straight from the partner dashboard.
Product News
Image of Bertie with employees alongside a symbol of a stack of coins and a note illustrating that users can schedule future pay rate changes for employees in advance with KeyPay.
September 24, 2020

Schedule future pay rate changes for employees in advance

Users can record, in advance, any future pay rate changes against an employee and the system will update the earnings in the pay run automatically.
Product News
Bertie with a magnifying glass illustration on a piece of paper. KeyPay's Timesheet Interpretation Context Panel feature provides clarity on how timesheets have been interpreted each pay run.
September 1, 2020

Calculation transparency with the Timesheet Interpretation Context Panel

KeyPay has introduced a Timesheet Interpretation Context Panel feature that provides clarity on how timesheets have been interpreted each pay run.
Product News
Illustration of a Kiwi bird holding a New Zealand flag alongside dollars and coins with the KeyPay logo. NZ businesses can now process Schedular Payments for contractors in KeyPay.
August 10, 2020

New Zealand’s Schedular Payments can now be processed in KeyPay

NZ businesses can now process Schedular Payments alongside regular payroll, in a fuss-free way that saves them significant time and money.
Payroll Management
Get ready for EOFY 19/20 with KeyPay. Image of Bertie and KeyBot holding a calendar that says EOFY.
June 5, 2020

Get ready for EOFY 19/20 with KeyPay!

Don’t let the end of the financial year scare you! We're is here to provide you with all the tools you’ll need to wrap up FY19/20 smoothly.
Payroll Management
UK Tax Year End reporting
March 23, 2020

Your guide to UK 2019/20 Tax Year End reporting

UK Tax Year End reporting has never been easier with KeyPay. Send your final report to HMRC and issue your P60s with ease.
ETP Type O Payments
March 18, 2020

Enhancements to ETP Type O payments in KeyPay

KeyPay has improved how ETP Type O payments are processed in the pay run to ensure compliance, and improve automation and ease of use.
Product News
Personal Carers Leave
February 21, 2020

Your next steps with changes to accrual of Personal/Carer’s leave

The High Court of Australia handed down a decision clarifying how personal/carer's leave is accrued and taken. Here's your next steps to remain compliant.
Product News
The 2020 Modern Award changes bring new obligations surrounding annualised wages
February 13, 2020

How the 2020 Modern Award changes affect annualised wages

How will the 2020 Modern Award changes affect how you pay annualised wages? We discuss this and our solution to keep you compliant.
KeyPay News
KeyPay's partner dashboard allows bureaus to grow their business
February 10, 2020

KeyPay's Partner Dashboard: Helping our partners grow their business

KeyPay’s partner dashboard allows partners to enhance client services, generate new business, analyse client activity and save time on support requests.
Product News
How do you use your payroll software? At KeyPay we put ours to the test every single day.
February 6, 2020

How KeyPay uses KeyPay

We put KeyPay to the test every day for our payroll management, rostering and timesheet needs. See how we use it to its full potential in our own business.
Payroll Management
WorkZone view roster details
December 16, 2019

Managers can now view roster details and update unavailability in WorkZone

New WorkZone update brings added functionality for managers looking to reduce rostering inefficiencies and manage staff better on the go.
Product News
KeyPay's Rostering vs Timesheet Comparison report helps businesses identify financial costs.
December 11, 2019

Monitor outgoing costs with KeyPay's Rostering vs Timesheet Comparison report!

The Rostering vs Timesheet comparison report helps businesses identify financial costs to guide business development.
Product News
KeyPay supports posting journal entries with leave liabilities and allows you to automate this process.
December 5, 2019

Automatically track leave liabilities in journal entries

KeyPay supports posting journal entries of leave accrued and allows you to automate this process by configuring the Chart of Accounts to map leave liability.
Payroll Management
KeyPay automates SSP calculations so you don't have to switch between the HMRC calculator and payroll
November 29, 2019

Automated Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) with KeyPay UK

KeyPay automates Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) calculations so you don't have to switch between the HMRC calculator and payroll.
Payroll Management
Changing payroll software mid-year and transitioning STP records
November 21, 2019

Changing payroll software mid-year and transitioning STP records

Thinking about changing payroll software? These are several ways you can transition Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting from one payroll system to another.
Method B(ii) is available for calculating withholding amounts on lump sum payments
November 12, 2019

Method B(ii): Calculating withholding amounts on lump sum payments

Users can now use Method B(ii) as another option to Method A, when calculating withholding amounts on lump sum payments in KeyPay.
GDPR payroll obligations made easy with KeyPay
October 1, 2019

GDPR payroll obligations made easy with KeyPay

GDPR employee obligations are made easy with KeyPay by giving employers the tools to anonymise employee data and access to their personal data.
Payday filing enhancements and seamless IRD gateway integration
September 19, 2019

Payday filing enhancements and seamless IRD gateway integration

Payday filing has been mandatory for NZ businesses since April 2019. KeyPay has just enhanced its Payday filing functionality with IRD integration.
What’s new with Single Touch Payroll in KeyPay
August 12, 2019

What's new with Single Touch Payroll in KeyPay this Financial Year 19/20?

Businesses with <19 employees will have begun reporting Single Touch Payroll events from July 1 2019. We recap on STP and what you should be aware of.
Payroll Management
Approve expense requests directly from their smartphone in WorkZone
August 9, 2019

Managers can now approve expense requests directly from WorkZone!

Your managers can now approve expense requests directly from their smartphone in WorkZone - KeyPay's employee app - anywhere and any time!
Employee Self-Service
Pension Postponement Rules in KeyPay
July 24, 2019

Pension Postponement Rules in KeyPay

To help you keep on top of your pension obligations, we’ve added automated pension postponement rules in our latest KeyPay release.
Product News
Cyclical Re-enrolment in KeyPay
July 24, 2019

Cyclical re-enrolment in KeyPay

It’s easy to miss cyclical re-enrolment. With KeyPay, you only have to set your re-enrolment date once and it will make cyclical re-enrolment a breeze.
Product News
Pensions automated with KeyPay and PensionSync
July 24, 2019

Pensions: Automated with KeyPay and PensionSync

With our latest release, KeyPay's integration with pensionsync is now simpler AND more powerful than ever before. Pension management has never been easier.
Product News
Employment Payment Summary (EPS) enhancements
July 23, 2019

Employment Payment Summary (EPS) enhancements

In our latest Employment Payment Summary release, you can submit no payment for a period, periods of inactivity and a final EPS with a ceasing scheme date.
Product News
Downloading payment summaries from the employee portal
July 4, 2019

EOFY 2018/19 tips: Downloading payment summaries from the employee portal

End of Financial Year 2018/19 is upon us and this may be the final year employees need payment summaries. Here's how employees can download in KeyPay.
Payroll Management
EOFY 2018/2019 tips from KeyPay
July 3, 2019

EOFY 2018/19 tips: Lodging PAYG payment summary reports to the ATO

This blog guides you through lodging PAYG payment summary reports to the ATO for this end of year 2018/2019 - before you start STP reporting next year!
Payroll Management
KeyPay's Guide to End of Financial Year
July 1, 2019

KeyPay's guide to End of Financial Year using Single Touch Payroll 2018/2019

KeyPay is making EOFY an even more enjoyable task with its EOFY resources and EOFY STP wizard.
Payroll Management
EOFY 2018/19 payroll tips from KeyPay
June 27, 2019

EOFY 2018/19: Publishing employee payment summaries

Publishing employee payment summaries was previously a time consuming process, but now with KeyPay, it can be completed in a few simple clicks.
Payroll Management
End of Financial Year and registering for STP 2018/2019
June 24, 2019

KeyPay's guide to End of Financial Year and registering for STP 2018/2019

KeyPay is making End of Financial Year reporting and setting up Single Touch Payroll an easy task.
Payroll Management
EOFY 2018/19 tips on reconciliation
June 20, 2019

EOFY 2018/19: 6 top tips for End of Year Reconciliation

A crucial part of End of Financial Year for those not yet reporting with STP is end of year reconciliation. Here's how to get end of year reporting right.
Payroll Management
KeyPay restrict reporting
May 15, 2019

Restrict reporting data according to employee group and location permissions

With KeyPay's restricted reporting's enhanced feature, restricted users can now be given access to the employee group and location permissions. Learn more.
Product News
Clock Me In admin
May 14, 2019

Managers can now access Clock Me In admin privileges using their restricted access

Clock Me In from KeyPay now allows managers to perform most of the admin features previously only afforded to full access users. Explore more.
Product News
Approving leave request via KeyPay WorkZone
April 8, 2019

Managers can approve leave requests and timesheets using WorkZone

WorkZone, KeyPay’s mobile app, now allows managers to approve leave requests and timesheets on the go. Download WorkZone today to explore more.
Employee Self-Service
KeyPay UK simplifies P32 reporting
March 14, 2019

Simplify your P32 reporting with KeyPay UK

Employer Payment Record details amounts you've paid to HMRC each month. KeyPay UK has some tips for P32 reporting to make life easier for bureaux & employers.
Payroll Management
Choosing default super fund on KeyPay
March 8, 2019

Employees can now easily select their employer's default super fund

The process of acquiring employee super details is automated with KeyPay. Employees can select employer's default super fund when providing super details online
Payroll Management
KeyPay automated pay runs
February 13, 2019

KeyPay revolutionises payroll with the introduction of automated pay runs

Remove some or all manual handling of processing pays by setting up automated pay runs in your business and instead spend that time focussing on other work.
Payroll Management
UK pension processes
January 14, 2019

Removing the pain from UK pension processes

Having trouble with pension processes? KeyPay is a payroll platform that seamlessly integrates with pension schemes, automates the pension process, and more.
3 reports to streamline post pay run operations
November 30, 2018

3 reports to streamline post pay run operations

Restricted users can now access to the pay slip, payment file & journal reports. This removes the responsibility of post payroll tasks for full access users.
Payroll Management
Automating pension processes
November 22, 2018

Automating pension processes

KeyPay's enhanced features further streamline pension scheme management. Bureaux can now set up and customise multiple pension schemes. Explore more.
KeyPay shift bidding
November 6, 2018

Filling unassigned shifts now got easier with Shift Bidding

Shift bidding automates the process of filling an unassigned shift. Automatic updates to the roster keeps managers abreast of real time shift updates.
Time Attendance
Automating tax codes for bureaux by KeyPay
September 22, 2018

We're automating tax codes for bureaux

One of the big pain points for UK payroll managers is managing the ever-changing employee tax codes. Explore how KeyPay UK has automated tax codes for bureaux.
3 valuable KeyPay feature
September 13, 2018

3 valuable KeyPay features (that you might not know about!)

With a range of features such as employee self service, rostering, there's something for everyone to make payroll easier. Explore KeyPay's top 3 features.
Payroll Management
KeyPay payroll email notifications
September 8, 2018

3 new email notifications to help keep track of employee updates

Easily configure your notification settings to stay abreast of any changes so as not to affect any current processes when employee details are updated or added.
Employee Self-Service
Pro rata hours auto calculated in pay run
September 6, 2018

Pro rata hours now auto calculated in pay run

Pro rata hours now are auto calculated in pay run. This means no manual adjustments are required and no accidental overpayments processed. Learn more.
Payroll Management
Clock Me In employee timesheets
July 15, 2018

Clock Me In now makes it easier to manage employee timesheets

With Clock Me In, managers can clock in/out on behalf of employees, eliminating the dramas associated with employees forgetting to clock in/out. Learn more.
Time Attendance
Single Touch Payroll Ready
June 14, 2018

KeyPay will be Single Touch Payroll Ready: A Sneak Peek into our STP implementation

There has been a lot of hype about Single Touch Payroll from payroll managers, accountants & payroll software providers. Explore KeyPay's STP implementation.
New permissions now added for Managers
June 4, 2018

New permissions now added for Managers

Explore some new permissions KeyPay has added for managers. This allows full access users the ability to start delegating more and more tasks to Managers.
Payroll Management
KeyPay's new & improved Manager Dashboard
June 4, 2018

Unveiling KeyPay's new & improved Manager Dashboard

New look of Manager Dashboard provides shortcut create & access buttons & displays pending action items. Explore some Manager Dashboard highlights.
Payroll Management
Employees can acknowledge documents in KeyPay
June 4, 2018

Employees can acknowledge documents in KeyPay

KeyPay's document functionality allows managers to require employees to acknowledge documents via employee dashboard/WorkZone and receive notifications.
Employee Self-Service
Two-Factor Authentication enabled in KeyPay
May 24, 2018

Two-Factor Authentication enabled in KeyPay

Two-factor authentication enabled in KeyPay will help to strengthen your account security with us. Learn how Two-factor authentication works & how to enable it.
Payroll Management
New enhancements to configuring leave accruals
April 19, 2018

4 new enhancements to configuring leave accruals

KeyPay’s leave automation functionality makes managing employees’ leave a breeze. Explore our 4 new enhancements to configuring leave accruals.
Payroll Management
Improved transparency of PAYG calculations in a termination pay
April 18, 2018

Improved transparency of PAYG calculations in a termination pay: Australia

KeyPay Australia has Improved transparency in how the PAYG for termination pay is calculated. Learn how PAYG on a non-ETP termination pay is calculated now.
Payroll Management
Shift Swapping is now available in WorkZone
April 13, 2018

Shift Swapping is now available in WorkZone

Employees can now swap shifts or receive proposed swapped shifts through WorkZone. This allows employees to complete the cycle of receiving & accepting shifts.
Employee Self-Service
Live View to clock out
February 28, 2018

Managers can use Live View to clock out their staff

Managers can now clock out or discard shifts on behalf of employees directly from the Live View report. Learn more about how this works.
Time Attendance
Net to Gross Calculator
February 28, 2018

Net to Gross Calculator

KeyPay's Net to Gross Calculator feature helps automatically calculate what the equivalent gross amount should be based off a desired net amount. Learn more.
Payroll Management
Better manage your rosters with Shift Swapping
February 7, 2018

Better manage your rosters with Shift Swapping

Better manage your rosters by empowering employees to swap shifts they cannot work with other eligible employees. This will significantly save managers' times.
Time Attendance
Create Pay Run Tasks
January 25, 2018

Managers can now create Pay Run Tasks

KeyPay has extended Pay Run Tasks feature to all user types. Remove constant back & forth phone calls, emails & spreadsheets to communicate pay run exceptions.
Payroll Management
Simpler way of paying above award rates
January 10, 2018

Introducing a simpler way of paying above award rates

Take advantage of KeyPay's Modern Award library that contains pre-interpreted rules and more. Learn more about the new simplified process now.
Managing Tags in KeyPay
January 10, 2018

Our new and improved way of managing Tags

Have more control on your set up and ongoing management of Tags through our new management screen. Explore KeyPay's tips on navigating the Tag screen.
2018 Fair Work changes
December 19, 2017

The 1 January 2018 Fair Work changes affecting over a million employees

Fair Work announced some of the most large-scale changes in recent memory to key Modern Awards in Australia. Find out more about the impacts of these changes.
KeyPay Live View report
December 14, 2017

KeyPay's Live View report

Live View is our latest intuitive report that captures real time employee clock in and out activities generated via Clock Me In and WorkZone.
Time Attendance
WorkZone KeyPay Employee Mobile App
August 21, 2017

WorkZone: KeyPay's Employee Mobile App

WorkZone: KeyPay's Mobile App for Payroll Management. View bank accounts, pay slips, super accounts, submit timesheets. All in one mobile management.
Employee Self-Service
KeyPay employee onboarding
June 7, 2017

Employee Onboarding

With the release of employee onboarding in KeyPay, employers can say goodbye to the paperwork associated with hiring new employees. Explore more.
Employee Self-Service
KeyPay employee portal new look
May 24, 2017

The employee portal new look

Explore a number of key UI improvements that will make KeyPay's employee portal an indispensable tool for your employees.
Employee Self-Service
KeyPay employee portal
May 17, 2017

The employee portal has had a makeover

The employee portal is one of KeyPay's most used features with thousands of employees logging on every month. Explore what's changed in the employee portal.
Employee Self-Service
Public holiday management
February 17, 2017

Public holiday management just got a whole lot easier

Long gone the need to set up public holidays manually (although you can customise), KeyPay provides a set of public holidays in each business automatically.
Payroll Management
Fair Work compliant payslips
December 6, 2016

Fair Work compliant payslips

One of the biggest reasons businesses use KeyPay is they’re able to produce FairWork compliant payslips. Explore payslip generator to create compliant payslips.
Payroll Management
Pay condition rules sets functionality
November 17, 2016

Extending the functionality of pay condition rule sets

Turn the most complicated award into a machine that interprets the humblest of timesheets into a costed shift in the pay run with pay condition rule sets.
Standard Work Hours
May 11, 2016

New Feature: Standard Work Hours

Setting up Standard Work Hours for employees who’s work hours aren’t the same every day of the week will allow more accurate leave request estimation.
Payroll Management
Clock Me In logo
April 3, 2016

Clock Me In – Time and Attendance for KeyPay

Clock Me In is KeyPay's time and attendance app. Designed specifically for the iPad and makes it simpler than ever before to record employee’s work hours.
Time Attendance
Kilometre allowance
February 3, 2016

The curious case of the kilometre allowance in 2018

From 1 Jul 18 the new amount you can claim on your tax return using the cents per kilometre method is $0.68. Here's how to treat the tax withheld on these items
Setting up RDO
August 23, 2013

Setting up RDO's and time in lieu with pay conditions

With the recent release of the pay conditions engine in KeyPay, automatically accruing and calculating RDO or Time in Lieu payments has never been easier.
Payroll Management
ABA files in KeyPay
July 23, 2013

ABA files in KeyPay

ABA file is used by many Australian financial institutions to specify payments to be made from one to one or more bank accounts. Learn about ABA files in KeyPay
Payroll Management
KeyPay pay rate templates
April 30, 2013

Pay rate templates

Pay Rate Templates should be a huge time saver for businesses when managing pay rates for a large number of employees. Explore Pay Rate template setup in KeyPay
Payroll Management
Xero Logo Banner
March 28, 2013

5 reasons to use KeyPay with Xero

If you’re an avid Xero user you might be wondering why you’d use a separate payroll product like KeyPay when Xero already has payroll built in. Explore more.
Payroll Management
Deductions setup with KeyPay payroll software
January 28, 2013

Setting up deductions with KeyPay

Simplify your payroll by setting up deductions with KeyPay. You now can automatically pay to a bank account, super fund and more.
Are employees entitled to super when "cashing out" annual leave?
January 9, 2013

Are employees entitled to super when "cashing out" annual leave?

Employees may wish to cash out annual leave under certain circumstances. Employees are required to be paid full amount that they'd otherwise have been paid.
Payroll Management