KeyPay's guide to End of Financial Year and registering for STP 2018/2019

End of Financial Year and registering for STP 2018/2019

This guide is specifically designed for payroll administrators that have NOT been reporting to the ATO using Single Touch Payroll for the 18/19 financial year.

The End of Financial Year hype is here - are you ready for your end of year reporting?!

You should know by now that we at KeyPay like to keep things simple. End of Financial Year can cause unnecessary stress for payroll administrators, and with the introduction of Single Touch Payroll for businesses with 19 or fewer employees, uncertainty is even higher. But don't fear - KeyPay is making End of Financial Year reporting and setting up Single Touch Payroll an easy task.

End of Financial Year Guide for users who need to register for STP

In true KeyPay style, this guide to show you all of the handy resources available to help with EOFY. We will guide you through the process of wrapping up the FY2018/2019 financial year, producing your PAYG Payment Summaries (group certificates) and then getting ready for the FY2019/2020 financial year with Single Touch Payroll. Read it here.

Watch an EOFY / STP webinar

Prefer to watch a video? This webinar will take you through the steps to finalise your end of year and get ready to start reporting for STP. It covers:

  • An overview of Single Touch Payroll and why it's being implemented
  • Enabling payroll for Single Touch Payroll using our STP wizard
  • Generating & publishing payment summaries
  • Lodging payment summaries electronically

Watch the video on YouTube

Take a look at the frequently asked questions and answers from these webinars.

Register for upcoming EOFY webinars

Register for our upcoming webinars to go through all of the above, with the opportunity to ask any questions that might be on your mind about EOFY reporting and registering for STP.

Still have a question about Single Touch Payroll?

We might be able to answer it, in our latest blog: Single Touch Payroll - the burning questions.

We hope this End of Financial Year guide makes end of year reporting and setting up for Single Touch Payroll as smooth as possible. Happy end of year!

Kate Brown

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