Employees can acknowledge documents in KeyPay

Employees can acknowledge documents in KeyPay

Do you have clients who are wondering whether their employees actually read company documents? Do they feel that the process of getting employees to acknowledge documents is archaic and time consuming? Are you and your clients using multiple systems and processes to store company documents and record employee confirmations? Want an automated process that only requires one system? Look no further!

Our current document enhancements now allows employees the ability to acknowledge documents. That is, when a document is shared to an employee or group of employees, the business can require that the employees formally acknowledge they have read the document. The document is shared within KeyPay, the employee views and acknowledges the document within KeyPay and the manager can confirm who has acknowledged the document; again, all within KeyPay.

OMG tell me more!!

When sharing a global or individual employee document, you can now access the following additional settings:

  1. Requires employee acknowledgement;
  2. Send notification to employee (this can be set as immediately or on a specific date);
  3. Send notification reminder (this option will appear if you have selected to send an employee notification).

Employees can acknowledge documents in KeyPay

Employees will receive an email informing them of a new document that needs to be reviewed and acknowledged. The link within the email will direct them to their employee dashboard, where they will see the following (as an example):

Employees can acknowledge documents in KeyPay

Once an employee has read the document, they will click on "Acknowledge" as confirmation. The process is then complete.

Using the example in the above document setting, if an employee has not acknowledged the document within 5 days of receipt, they will be sent a reminder email on the 5th day and every 5 days thereafter until they do so.

How do I know when an employee has acknowledged a document?

There are several ways:

  1. In My Notifications, you can select the "Email me when an employee that I supervise acknowledges a document" setting. This will do... well exactly what the setting says. The notification email will include the employee name and the name of the document they have acknowledged.
  2. The Employee Details Audit Report includes details on when (date/time), who (employee name) and what (document name) has been acknowledged. This option is preferable if you or your client want to know, in bulk, who has acknowledged a document. Filter this report by using Section = Documents to get the info you need.
  3. You can view the Documents screen within an employee file to get a snapshot status of their documents. An example of this is as follows:

Employees can acknowledge documents in KeyPay

What if my client doesn't need an employee to acknowledge a document?

That's totally fine!

Our recent enhancements allow your clients to have the system send email notifications to employees. This was previously not a possibility. So this alone will be an advantage for your client's business!

What about documents previously added to the system?

You and your clients can definitely update the setting for existing published documents to activate email notifications and the requirement for employee acknowledgement. Updating the settings of an existing document will activate a notification email to the relevant employees (if you have selected to send a notification) advising that employee acknowledgement is required.

Can employees acknowledge documents in WorkZone?

Yes, of course they can!

Employees will receive a push notification (make sure they have enabled notifications for WorkZone!) advising them a document has been added to their file for their review and/or acknowledgement.

Employees can easily identify the documents that require acknowledgement when accessing their Other Documents screen:

Employees can acknowledge documents in KeyPay

Not only can employees read the document from WorkZone, they will be able to close the loop on the process and acknowledge all  documents with a pending status.

If you and your clients haven’t already, make sure your employees download WorkZone immediately by clicking here:

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N.B. This new feature only works for employees with employee dashboard access. Why? As documents are stored in the employee's file, an employee can only access the documents via their dashboard.

To find out more, take a look at our support articles: AU | NZ | UK | SG | MY

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