Valentine’s Day with KeyPay: Why you’ll fall in love with our payroll software

This is a text post from KeyPay. There are presents and love hearts in a photo on the right hand side. There is text on the left hand side that says: fall in love with your payroll software.

Roses are red, violets are blue. Confused about payroll? KeyPay can handle everything for you!

Poems aside, we’re passionate advocates for our platform. Not to toot our own horn - but automated payroll, streamlined employee management, and customised flexibility to integrate with your existing accounting and HR software all from within a single platform? What more could you ask for?

If your current payroll solution isn’t saving you time or money (and is only adding stress for you and your staff), it may be time to consider making the switch to a more comprehensive platform. 

With 14th February being Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating this (slightly cheesy) day of love with a twist - by giving you a few reasons as to why KeyPay is the best option for you and your team.

It's compliant

For our Australian users, we offer an extensive list of pre-built modern awards within our system, such as the SCHADS, Educational Services, Fitness Industry, Hospitality Industry Award and more. Plus! Across all of the other countries that we operate in (United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia), we automate local pay rates and entitlements for you - meaning no more manual calculations. Benefit from peace of mind in knowing that your staff are always being paid correctly and with compliance guaranteed.

Rhys Gorman, CEO & CFO at Disability Connect Victoria

It’s transparent

Although we know that our system is correctly calculating pay rates, leave entitlements, overtime and more, it’s important that you do too. We’re big on visibility, so you’ll always understand why and how your staff are being paid. Our timesheet interpretation context panel allows for full visibility over how and why certain shifts have been paid accordingly.

Note: The above screenshot is set to AU conditions, and will differ depending on your country.

You can even benefit from greater transparency over your budget, with features such as costed rosters providing you with full visibility and control over projected wage costs!

It’s end-to-end

We’re more than just a payroll platform. We offer rostering and intuitive shift scheduling using our templates, so you don’t need to waste time creating Excel-based rosters. Our reporting capabilities are extensive, allowing you to report on all aspects of your business - from payroll, to time and attendance, to employee data. 

The best part? Whilst we’re great at what we do, we know that flexibility is crucial. We allow you to integrate into industry-leading platforms to meet your needs and create an end-to-end solution across accounting, HR, workforce management and payroll. Your data will flow seamlessly between multiple systems -  making life even easier.

John Toh, General Manager at Aspire Hub

Love what you’ve read so far? Make life easier for your payroll administrators by showing them what’s to love about KeyPay!

Sophie Borton-Sutherland

NZ Partner Marketing

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