Streamline payroll reporting with Zoho Books

KeyPay and Zoho Books product shots integrating.

KeyPay has released an integration with Zoho Books so that shared users can benefit from an automated payroll and accounting experience.

KeyPay users can now integrate payroll with Zoho Books to export their payroll details to the general ledger. 

Transferring and processing data between the two systems previously was a manual task. KeyPay users using Zoho Books as their accounting software like CCG CEO, Michael Hopwood, manually exported the pay run detail from KeyPay and imported it into Zoho Books for further processing. 

Michael said “each week when we did our pay runs, we had to manually process journals in Zoho Books, which took longer than we would have ideally liked and was open to human error.” 

Now users are able to connect their systems for an end-to-end payroll and accounting experience; syncing payroll information with the general ledger and populating their Zoho Books account automatically. We love automation that makes life simple! 

In addition to automating journal entries, for Zoho Books users making use of reporting tags, they can now leverage these tags within KeyPay via ‘Locations’ to track and report labour costs across different locations or business cost centres, creating an even more efficient payroll and accounting process.

How does it work?

It’s simple and easy to set up, and once connected, you’ll notice a dramatic reduction in processing time. Just finalise a pay run in KeyPay and export to Zoho Books for publishing. Whilst checking the journal over in Zoho, if you realise you need to make a change… simply unlock the pay run in KeyPay, make your changes, finalise and export back to Zoho Books, and it will replace the previous journal automatically.

If you need to delete a pay run all together, just delete it in KeyPay and the journal entry will be deleted in Zoho Books even if it has been published! 

“The setup was straightforward and quick to set up, and now processing pay runs is faster and easier than ever!” CCG CEO, Michael Hopwood

A seamless integration for users of both systems to leverage time-saving automation and streamline payroll reporting.

Want to learn more about this integration? Watch our demo or check out our support articles here - AU, NZ, UK, SG, MY

Fiona Passaris

AU Partner Marketing Manager

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