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Granting restricted user access in KeyPay is a fantastic tool for setting up restricted users (employee managers). In this way, they can access information and perform activities for only the employees they are responsible for. Whether this is configured using an employee group or even location access, once done, you can sit back and let your managers take care of all the fiddly tasks. Employee managers can concentrate on things like approving leave and timesheets and generating reports while you get on with running your business.

Can this feature get any better??? Yes, it just did!

The option to grant reporting access to a restricted user has always existed. This was, however, often hampered by the fact that restricted users were able to see ALL employee information in these reports. This is no longer the case!

We have extended this feature to now honour the employee group and/or location restrictions in place for restricted users. For example, let’s say a business has 2 locations setup – Front of House and Back of House. A restricted user has been given access to the Front of House location. When generating any report, the user will only view reporting data for any employees working in the Front of House location.

Configuring Restrictions in Reports

Previously, the only way you could restrict data displayed in reports for an employee manager would be via the use of Report Packs. This was a tedious task where the filter options were limited and the manager would have to wait for when the report pack was scheduled to be sent out.

Employee managers would often rely on full access users to export reports and manipulate spreadsheets to give them the data they needed. This had the potential for data breaches, privacy issues and ‘i really don’t have time for this’ frustrations!

The good news is we have added a new option to the reports tab on the Manage Users page – ‘No restriction on reporting data’:

No restriction on reporting data

Now, when you grant access to an employee manager for either all reports or even selected reports you can choose whether you want the information in the reports to be restricted or not.

For any new restricted access users you set up, this option will be unticked by default meaning the reports will be restricted for this user.

For existing restricted users that already have reporting access, this option will be ticked so as not to interrupt the access these users currently have to the reports. Full access users can change this setting at any time, as appropriate.

If you currently have Managers that don’t have reporting access due to permissions issues you now have the option to go in and fix this!

Relevant Restrictions in the Reports

The option to restrict reporting for an employee manager will only be available if the user also has an employee group or location access.

The restrictions that will apply to the reports for an employee manager will be based on their employee groups and/or location access permissions.

If an employee manager has access to an employee group, for example ‘John’s Group’:

restrict reporting data

Any reports the employee manager then generates will only show the detail for the employees included in this group:

Restrict reporting data

Exceptions to the restrictions

A few reports do not apply data restrictions. These are:


  • Journal Report;
  • Payment File Report; and
  • Employee Satisfaction Report.

UK Only

  • Employer Payment Summary (EPS); and
  • P32 Report.

New Zealand Only

  • Employer Deductions (IR345);
  • Payday Filing Report;
  • KiwiSaver Employment Details (KED); and
  • Employee Details.

This means employee group or location restrictions will NOT be honoured for the above reports.

Additionally, for Australia specifically, we have retained the restriction to not make ATO Reporting or Super Payments available to restricted access users.

Don’t restrict yourself.. take advantage of these benefits!

This great new addition will alleviate a number of pain points within your business.

Admin users can now set and forget!

Employee managers will be able to generate reports when they need to without waiting for admin approval or intervention. You can also rest easy knowing that your managers can only access data they have permission to. This in turn negates any possible breach of an employee’s sensitive payroll information.

Kate Brown

Marketing Manager at KeyPay

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