Restore deleted settings in KeyPay with just a click

Restore deleted settings in KeyPay

Do you ever wish you could rewind time or Ctrl+Z a mistake when running payroll? We’ve all been there! Picture this: you’re busy updating pay categories and editing settings in KeyPay so you can finalise a pay run that needs to be processed today! You’re in the process of deleting an outdated expense category and realise you’ve removed the wrong one. A nightmare for all payroll administrators!

The great news is the future is upon us with KeyPay. Introducing the option to restore deleted items!

Restoring deleted Items

Previously, in that usually panic-inducing scenario of deleting categories or settings in error, KeyPay users would have had to ask the support team to reinstate these. This could be time consuming and frustrating, especially if the user didn’t have the authority to raise support requests.

KeyPay understands how precious time is, and how urgent payroll is. So we’re putting more power into our customers’ hands and enabling them to restore deleted items themselves, without the hassle of emailing back and forth!

How do I restore deleted items in KeyPay?

The new feature will be housed within ‘advanced business settings’ and will allow KeyPay users to restore the following items when required: 

  • Deduction Categories
  • Employee Expense Categories
  • Employer Liability Categories (not available for UK)
  • Employing Entities (not available for UK)
  • Employment Agreements (AU only)
  • Leave Categories
  • Locations
  • Pay Categories
  • Pay Schedules
  • Roster Templates 
  • Time & Attendance Kiosks
  • Work Types

The best part is there is no delay between restoring the item and being able to use it in a pay run, so it’ll only take a couple of mouse clicks to see the benefits of this new feature. This functionality was designed with our customers in mind, and ensuring their experience with KeyPay is as streamlined as possible. 

Take a look at our support article for more information: AU | UK | NZ | SG

Bec Allen

Support at KeyPay

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