Automating timings for pay run finalisation tasks

Automating pay run finalisation tasks

Payroll administrators face complex payroll situations every day. On top of the complexities however, often come more simple tasks - but unfortunately in abundance. Payroll people can spend hours each day on manual tasks that although quite easy to process, can take up a lot of time and frustration. 

KeyPay strives to remove the manual work required for payroll through revolutionary functionalities like automated pay runs. The latest enhancement that has been rolled out across all regions is further removing previously manual steps required for payroll administration.

Pay run finalisation settings

Previous to this update, if a payroll administrator using KeyPay wanted to publish pay slips, send reports or submit files, they wouldn’t have had the ability to automate these tasks to be delivered on a particular time or day in relation to the pay run finalisation. Through automated pay runs, KeyPay users would have been able to automate these tasks to be done straight after the pay run, but had no option to choose specific timings or dates. In order to be this specific on timings, they would have had to set a reminder in their calendar and then gone into KeyPay to do the tasks required manually.

With enhancements to pay run finalisation settings, these tasks can now be automated by payroll administrators, which can then be used to align further with their work schedule.

What can the pay run finalisation settings do?

This functionality allows users to set default pay run finalisation settings so that when a pay run is finalised the following options can be processed either immediately, manually, on, before, or after the pay date at a set date and time.

  • Journals
  • Create pay event (AU) / Submit FPS to HMRC (UK)
  • Publish pay slips
  • Employee notifications
  • Report packs
  • Pension settings (UK)

This functionality also feeds through to automated pay runs. Alternatively, if finalising the pay run manually, users also have the option to edit any setting, with the ability to apply to future pay runs, or, just as a one-off change.

This effectively means that any of the activities listed can now be automated as part of the pay run finalisation, saving payroll professionals time and creating a more efficient and compliant payroll system.

Refer to our support articles per region for more information: AU | NZ | SG | MY | UK.

Suzanne Gallagher

UK Product Manager for KeyPay

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