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Time and attendance tracking are made accessible and easy to complete with KeyPay’s time and attendance apps - Clock Me In, automated timesheets and employee self service.
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Simple to use timesheets for
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Say goodbye to timesheet troubles! Clock Me In - KeyPay’s iPad time and attendance app - makes submitting and approving timesheets easy. With photo and geo-location tracking for each clocking event, your clients can be assured that the timesheet data is accurate with Clock Me In.

Time and attendance made easy with KeyPay’s Clock Me In app
Time and attendance for every scenario with KeyPay

Suited for every scenario

Do your clients use their own timesheets? Easily import timesheets from third-party providers directly into KeyPay or in CSV file formats. Have employees all in one place? They can clock in/out onsite on KeyPay’s iPad app: Clock Me In. If your clients have employees on the move, they can also do the same on KeyPay’s mobile app: WorkZone or even through the Employee Portal for manager approval.

Automate timesheets

Let automation make timesheets easy for you. Once an employee clocks out using Clock Me In or WorkZone, the activity is recorded and a timesheet is automatically created for that shift, ready for managers to conveniently approve or amend online or from the WorkZone mobile app.

Automate timesheets
KeyPay’s Clock Me In and WorkZone takes a photo of every clocked activity for accurate data

Accurate data

Clock Me In and WorkZone takes a photo of the employee and tracks the location of every clocked activity, so your clients can be confident of the accuracy of the data captured.

Live view

Ever wish you could identify missed clocking activities? Now you can with our live view reporting! This feature gives you real time visibility over each clocking activity across the business, allowing you to handle situations such as lateness or adherence to break times efficiently to improve business further.

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How KeyPay’s Time & Attendance features work

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