WorkZone: KeyPay's Employee Mobile App

WorkZone KeyPay Employee Mobile App

As a payroll manager, it can be distracting receiving multiple enquiries from employees asking 'What is my leave balance?', 'Can I have a copy of a payslip?', or 'I moved house, can you update my details?' Imagine a world where employees could manage this themselves straight from their mobile?

WorkZone is KeyPay’s mobile app that empowers employees to self manage their employment related information. No computer required, no distractions to your payroll team. Instead, WorkZone is the DIY for employees! Launched in 2016, WorkZone is an extension of the Employee Self Service portal, free to download on iOS and Android.

What can you do in WorkZone?

View Information on Mobile

Employees can view their personal, emergency contact, banking and super fund details. Any changes required can be communicated to the payroll administrator to be updated.

Leave Management

Employees can submit leave requests and be notified when approved, right from WorkZone. All pending and approved leave requests can then be bulk applied in the pay run. Done. No more email requests.


Employees can create and/or amend timesheets for each shift and submit for manager approval. Once approved, these are automatically available for the pay run.

Work Unavailability

Employees can enter their unavailability up to a certain number of days (as determined by you) before it occurs. Recording unavailabilities assists managers when assigning shifts to employees. No rejigging the roster.

Pay slips and Payroll

In the app employees can view, download and email their pay slips and payment summaries at any time. No more frantic hunting for a coffee stained summary come tax time.

Misc. Document Management

Administrators are able to upload documents for employees to view at any time, e.g. employment contracts or policies.

WorkZone is a one of a kind mobile app available for download on iOS and Android. Since its launch, WorkZone is now used by over 9,000 employees on average per day, with over 100k timesheets submitted through the app. Let your team know about WorkZone and save yourself the hassle of answering simple questions.

You can download WorkZone by searching for 'WorkZone' from the App Store or from iTunes following this link:

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You can download WorkZone for Android from the Google Play store by searching for 'WorkZone' or on the Google Play store here:

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