Branded Payroll Management in the Partner Dashboard

Picture of Bertie holding a browser with KeyBot that indicates "branded payroll". Branded Payroll Management in KeyPay's Partner Dashboard.

At KeyPay, we understand that the day to day activities of accountants, bookkeepers and outsourced payroll bureaus don’t just include processing payrolls. There’s a whole range of administrative and ongoing support services undertaken that are ancillary, but definitely essential, in ensuring the high level of service expected by clients is achieved.   

One of the many advantages of being a partner with KeyPay is the ability to control and maintain your own settings at a *branded payroll level. This can now be achieved in a much easier manner with the addition of the branded payroll management feature to our partner dashboard. 

*Branded payroll - KeyPay’s branded payroll solution allows you to manage clients under yours or their own branded interface.

Introducing: Branded Payroll Management in the Partner Dashboard

This new feature provides partners easy access to all branded payroll settings across each region within the partner dashboard. Creating a centralised location for partners to manage business settings and clients seamlessly.

Branded Payroll Management in the Partner Dashboard
KeyPay's Branded Payroll Management feature provides access to all branded payroll settings across each region in the Partner Dashboard.

As a partner, how does white label or branded payroll help me?

1. Better management of individual branded payroll details, including user access and two factor authentication settings

Branded Payroll Management Security Features
Management of user access and two factor authentication settings for individual branded payrolls

With the branded payroll management feature, admin work for branded payroll management is consolidated in one place:

  • Manage individual branded payroll details such as billing, support contacts (payroll champions), host name and aliases
  • Partner level users can easily add new branded payrolls as a value add to their clients
  • View users attached to each branded payroll and their two factor authentication (2FA) status. Partner level users can also revoke branded payroll users from a branded payroll level
  • Manage 2FA settings for restricted users and employees

2. Access invoices

You can access all of your invoices from a central location and easily download them as PDFs or Excel spreadsheets. The Excel spreadsheet export also provides detailed breakdowns per client, making it easy for partners to on charge their clients.

3. Obtain more insights into client growth and feature usage

Access reports pertaining to new businesses added, active employees and feature usage of each client.

4. Manage business templates

Keep track of all business templates set up per branded payroll with a consolidated list that enables you to manage them as needed.

5. Set up email sender authentication

Avoid emails being delivered to employee’s spam folders by managing the security of the email domain used to send system generated email notifications per branded payroll.     

6. Brand management

Provide clients with a complete brand experience by tailoring branded content, logos, styling and support email details per branded payroll.

7. ATO settings (AU region only)

Manage ATO software ID settings per branded payroll.

8. Pension settings (UK region only)

Manage PensionSync intermediary IDs per branded payroll where relevant.

Empowering our partners 

With this new feature added to our partner dashboard, partners will now have the ability to manage more of their client’s accounts without having to relay information back and forth to our team - saving precious time and allowing partners to focus on supporting their clients.

For more information on the Branded Payroll Management section in the Partner Dashboard, refer to our support article here. You can also view this video which demonstrates how to manage branded payroll settings easily from within the partner dashboard.


KeyPay’s Partner Dashboard is available for all partners of KeyPay. The Partner Dashboard is designed to help you manage support issues for your clients in faster and more effective ways.

Interested in becoming a KeyPay partner? Discover how our partner programs are designed to harness the full potential of your business. Get in touch.

Carissa Tan

Marketing at KeyPay


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