The Document Acknowledgement Report is here!

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The Document Acknowledgement Report is here! 

You asked and we delivered! A favourite feature is getting an upgrade in the form of a highly requested report. Currently, global documents can be added to the system and set up to require employee acknowledgement; however, users need to access each individual employee's record to identify if a document has been acknowledged. This can be frustrating and time consuming if there are more than just a handful of employees. 

Just imagine: You’re completing an audit to ensure that all of your employees have signed off on the new Work from Home policy. You have 250 employees and you need to check each employee’s file to identify who has not acknowledged the document. Who has that kind of time? 

What’s New? 

KeyPay users will no longer need to spend valuable time reviewing every employee’s record to confirm acknowledgment of global documents; instead, they can run one report and send reminders in a matter of minutes. The Document Acknowledgement Report allows you the option to: 

  • Filter the status by Acknowledged or Not Acknowledged
  • Filter by Document, Employee or Location
  • Send reminders directly from the report 
  • Export the data to CSV, Excel or PDF

The option to tailor the search will assist KeyPay users by increasing efficiency and reducing frustration. 

Sending Reminders is now easier than ever! 

In the past, reminders could be sent to employees who had not acknowledged the document but the user did not have visibility of who the emails were going to. The new Document Acknowledgement Report will allow KeyPay users to review the acknowledgment status and send reminders at the same time! Users can choose to send reminders to individuals or to all employees, with the best part being the reminders are date stamped. 

The Document Acknowledgement Report will benefit payroll administrators as they can rest assured that documents are being acknowledged in a timely manner and focus on more important tasks. 

Take a look at our support article for more information: AU | UK | NZ | SG | MY

Bec Allen

Support at KeyPay

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