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"I love doing all the manual workings to split salary wages across various locations" - said no one ever...

Sometimes clients may need to split employee earnings across many cost centres or locations for several reasons, such as government funding, or managing budgets across different locations like venues or shops. It can be difficult to find payroll software that allows you to achieve this on behalf of your clients, but thankfully, KeyPay has this functionality in place. That being said, we at KeyPay are always looking for ways to improve the lives of our users, and we never accept anything as an 'end product'!

Previously, when KeyPay users wanted to split earnings across various locations, some manual work was required, and specific hours had to be allocated to locations as opposed to a percentage of earnings. Although it was getting the job done, we were aware that we could save our users even more valuable time, and reduce errors in the process.

Introducing our enhanced 'Split earnings by location' feature!

With the release of the 'split earnings by location' functionality, users will be able to automate the distribution of earnings across various locations for auto pay salaried employees, as a set percentage.

KeyPay users will no longer need to spend valuable time having to add in the allocation of wages against each location as a separate item, adding another record for each location and entering the required number of hours for each one. It can all be done via the split earnings by location setting within the employee's pay run default screen!

A screenshot of the enhancement is shown. There is an example employee name, Adam Stone, in the top left corner of the screenshot. Underneath that is a warning that states 'split earnings is only available to auto pay salaried employees. Split earnings are not applied to advanced hours or timesheet employees'. Underneath that on the left is a parameter for 'location', which can be selected from a drop-down menu. On the right there is a parameter for 'split earnings %', which can be added as a value from 0% to 100% up to 5 decimal places. At the bottom of the screenshot on the left is a button labelled 'delete'. On the bottom right side of the screenshot are 2 buttons; 1 for 'cancel' and 1 for 'save'.
This newest enhancement will allow users to set parameters for 'Location' and 'Split earnings %' as required, and apply this to auto pay salaried employees

How does the 'Split earnings by location' feature work?

Earnings can be split as a set percentage for auto pay salaried employees within the employee's pay run default screen in KeyPay. Once the split earnings by location settings are enabled for auto pay salaried employees, this will automatically create earnings lines, calculate the earning splits per location in the pay run, and then flow through to journals and payroll reports. No more manual workings required!  

With this much more streamlined process in place, KeyPay users will be able to accurately track costs across their various venues or cost centres, spending less time configuring hours manually due to the percentage split enhancement. The less manual work involved, the less room for human error, and more time to spend on the jobs we love (or watching our favourite Netflix show!).

'Split earnings by location' enhancements will be available from October 6 2021.

Find out more about this globally released feature via our support articles:  AU | UK | NZ | SG | MY

Genelle Fursey

Support Specialist

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