Save time on importing employee data

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Save time on importing employee data

How much time do you and your clients spend each week manually importing employees from previous systems into KeyPay?

Previously, users only had the option to manually copy and paste employee data via a standard format file upload, if this wasn't done via a direct integration. This involved manually copying and pasting data from previous systems to fit a required standard file import.

The process to import employees was a tedious, slow, manual process - and errors wouldn't be clear to the user until after the import had failed. What a waste of time!

We hold ourselves to a higher standard than that, so decided that it was time to up our game.... introducing: flatfile advanced importing!

What is flatfile importing?

You and your clients can now opt to import employees into KeyPay by exporting data from previous systems in any format (.csv, .tsv, .xls, .xlsx, .xml, .txt)! You can upload any set of columns from the data, as long as there's 1 record per row.

No need to manually copy and paste data across - once you upload a file, the system will attempt to automatically match the columns and then the user can review and manually change the mapping columns, if required, to suit the information that you need to import into KeyPay.

You can even select to 'ignore this column' if you don't need a certain field to be imported. How good is that?

Why use flatfile importing?

Flatfile will cut down on the amount of work that is required to import employee information, by allowing you to view and correct data before the import.

What's even better, is that you can save mapped column headings and relevant fields for future imports - so if your client is constantly hiring new employees, you won't need to manually re-map the columns that you need. Simply set and forget!

There are also validation errors that show up before you import the file, so that you can fix these before uploading.

This will save you so much time and increase the chances of the file being successfully imported on the first go!

What are the benefits of flatfile importing?

To make it simple, you'll benefit from:

  • Increased time savings by saving auto-mapped columns for future imports
  • Greater visibility over errors and your data
  • The ability to use files from old systems for flatfile uploads, to save even more time and reduce the level of manual intervention required
Users can select mapped fields from the imported data, and save these for future imports.

What if I prefer the old method of uploading data?

That's totally fine! Flatfile doesn't replace the existing standard format file upload. You can still use the standard format file if you'd like to - we're just giving you an easier, automated option that saves you and your clients a little bit of time.

Why not give it a go? You've got nothing to lose!

Save time for your team of advisors

If your clients are on a hiring frenzy and you're constantly importing a large number of employees or always adding new employees, flatfile uploading is the best method!

You and your team will enjoy the added time back in your day and benefit from minimal errors that can often be associated with data uploading.

‍Learn more about flatfile importing today

To learn more about this new feature, take a look at our support articles: AU | NZ | UK | SG | MY

Sophie Borton-Sutherland

NZ Partner Marketing

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