Fair Work compliant payslips

Fair Work compliant payslips

One of the most important documents that KeyPay produces are, of course, payslips. One of the biggest reasons businesses use KeyPay is to ensure that they’re able to produce FairWork compliant payslips, so we want to ensure we get our payslips right. Over the years we’ve collected a lot of feedback on our payslips and made a number of changes and improvements based on that feedback, however as the requests became more complex and the number of payslips we were producing increased, we realised that we’d have to take a different approach to the current way we’re doing payslips.

Because of this, we decided to completely rebuild not only the payslips and the payslip generation framework to ensure that the payslips were easy to read and use and we’d be able to generate payslips under high system demand.

The end result is that we now have payslips that look better, are easier to use and understand, as well as a payslip framework that will allow us to scale payslip generation to  meet our growing demands.

Below is what our Fair Work compliant payslips look like:

Fair Work compliant payslips

Note that:

  • The information is laid out in a much clearer, easier to understand fashion
  • Easier to print
  • Compatible with windowed envelopes
  • Increased font size

In addition, the payslips generator can:

  • Generate payslips significantly quicker
  • Be used to print payslips for payruns of more than 200 employees

We hope you enjoy using our payslip generator to create compliant payslips!

Phil Bernie

Co-founder of KeyPay. Follow me on:


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