Paying your employees just got easier with Paytron!

KeyPay releases exciting integration with Paytron so that users can benefit from friction-free payments.

KeyPay has released an exciting integration with Paytron so that users can benefit from friction-free payments.

'How are employees paid once the pay run is finalised?' is a question often asked by new KeyPay users. In the past, the answer would have been 'via downloading an ABA file and uploading it to the financial institution or manually processing payments via Bank Transfer or BPAY.'

Moving forward, the answer will be 'Faster than ever using our long-awaited integration with Paytron!' Paytron is a cloud-based platform that allows businesses to securely send and receive payments - just like a bank account. By teaming up with Paytron, KeyPay is providing their Australian users with a one-stop payroll shop and removing the hassle of dealing with ABA files or internet banking issues.

How does it work?

In order to benefit from the new integration, KeyPay users will need to sign up for an account with Paytron. Once an account has been set up, it's as simple as linking Paytron via the Integrations page, finalising a pay run and sending the payment file to Paytron. A few clicks in Paytron later and voila... employees are paid!

You’ll have full transparency over the payroll details in Paytron, giving you and your clients the confidence to approve, set, and forget for pay day. 

But wait...there's more!

Do your clients still require the option to pay via ABA, EFT or BPAY? We've got you covered! Users can set up multiple payment file options and choose between them when finalising the pay run. Do your clients currently pay PAYG directly through their ABA file? No problem! The integration with Paytron will split the transaction and process both payments at the same time! If you are looking for a breakdown of the payments or would like to double check that an employees' bank details are correct, the context panel in KeyPay will provide you with this under 'full transaction details'.

This highly anticipated integration ensures that the process is quick, simple and transparent, giving you peace of mind that employees will be paid correctly and in a timely manner. 

Ready to simplify payroll even more? Get started by setting up an account with Paytron.
To learn more about this exciting integration, check out our support article.

Bec Allen

Support at KeyPay

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