KeyPay's Partner Dashboard: Helping our partners grow their business

KeyPay's partner dashboard allows bureaus to grow their business

Partnering with KeyPay already allows businesses to unlock potential in their customer relationships, provide further value and grow their client base.

Our main priority is to change the way our customers and partners work and pay, and we're constantly enhancing KeyPay to do so. Recently we’ve been listening to our partner feedback and have been working on exciting enhancements, to build the tools required to help our partners grow their business.

Introducing the Partner Dashboard

KeyPay’s partner dashboard will be a beneficial tool for bureaus in providing a service to their clients, generating new business, providing insights into client activity, saving time on support requests and more.

How does KeyPay’s partner dashboard help me?

1. Providing an audit trail of all events in the system

Clients often ask questions about whether settings have been changed, who changed them etc. We understand that unexpected system events can be confusing, so we’re introducing complete transparency in the form of an audit trail that will show you what changes occurred, when, and who they were made by, via the System Events feature. You can also search for any system generated email sent over a specified date range.

2. Better manage users of clients' businesses

This allows you to see a list of all full access users for the business. You can also revoke a user's access for that business.

3. Ability to restore certain deleted settings

We know how much of a pain it can be if a setting has been deleted in error, or when setting deletion causes system issues. The partner dashboard allows partners to restore deleted information such as leave categories, employing entities, roster templates and more, at the click of a button - so you don’t need to worry about struggling for hours trying to solve the problem.

4. View a snapshot summary of client feature usage

We know that knowledge is power and we want to place that power in your hands. The partner dashboard gives you the data to better understand which elements of the payroll system your customers are interacting with. This will give you a snapshot of what the business looks like as well as what features the customer is using. This could allow you to help further educate your customers on the right areas of the product, or create tailored marketing opportunities for your customers for feature uptake.

5. Lodgement messages

This function allows you to review the raw data transmitted to the relevant government authorities based on your region.

  • AU region = STP events
  • NZ region = PayDay Filing
  • UK region = RTI

6. Business settings

The partner dashboard displays a summary of business details, such as the contact details, billing plan, billing commencement date and payment option. You can also change the business' billing plan.

All of the above fosters bureaus in providing a better and more thorough service to their clients, and saves them a lot of admin time in the process. The partner dashboard is available now for all partners of KeyPay.

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