No more manual timesheet approvals!

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Picture this - your client has just created a roster for a large number of employees, and have scheduled shifts for full-time, part-time and casual workers all within the same roster. Their staff are all working different hours across the roster schedule, and some shifts have even been split between staff.

That's all well and good (and both you and your client have saved a lot of time using our roster templates to schedule these shifts!), but what happens after the employees have completed their shifts and uploaded their timesheets? You and your team will then begin the painstaking task of having to manually approve each timesheet against each employee's hours worked from the roster (unless timesheets are being imported - which allows you to improve these as part of the import).

We felt that there must be a quicker way of getting this done without eating into precious time in the day....

Automatic approval of timesheets that match the roster

Introducing our newest feature - you can now opt to automatically approve any timesheets that matches the roster exactly! Instead of manually approving each timesheet from your client and cross-checking against the roster, the system will do this for you.

No need to worry about inconsistencies - any timesheets that don't fully match the roster will not be auto-approved - including:

  • Work types
  • Location
  • Date
  • Start and end times
  • Break start and end times
  • Higher classifications
  • Shift conditions

So if an employee submits a timesheet where they worked more hours than their scheduled shift, the timesheet won't be approved by default.

This applies to wherever a timesheet is submitted - WorkZone, employee portal, or via full access user, restricted user, import or API.

Choose your level of control

Do you or your clients prefer to maintain control over checking each shift against timesheets? No problem! Here at KeyPay, we're all about giving you the freedom of choice.

The auto-approval process can easily be overridden at a timesheet level, as long as full access and restricted access permissions are enabled. If there's something that needs to be manually changed, the timesheet can easily be 'unapproved', before being edited in the 'Approve timesheets' screen.

This is a screenshot of the new feature within KeyPay; managers can 'undo' a timesheet if anything needs to be manually changed or edited. This can be done from within the 'Approve Timesheets' screen.
Managers can easily undo timesheets that have been auto-approved, if there's something that needs to be manually changed.

By default, the option to 'Automatically approve a timesheet that is identical to the rostered shift' will be deselected for all new and existing businesses, to allow you the option to turn this on for your clients, if desired.

This feature will be available from 1 March 2022.

To learn more about this new feature, take a look at our support articles: AU | NZ | UK | SG | MY

Looking for workforce management software for your client base that streamlines rostering, shift scheduling, timesheets, leave requests and so much more? Find out more about KeyPay.

Sophie Borton-Sutherland

NZ Partner Marketing

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