Maximising security and data access in KeyPay: Enhanced permissions for restricted users

Restricted users in KeyPay

There are two things that employers and outsourced providers tend to value when running payroll, that don’t often harmonise well together: security, and accessibility. A payroll bureau running pay runs for a client will want to ensure that the data is secure and that no system users have access to things they shouldn’t. On the other hand, they may want their clients to have access to payroll data so they have enough visibility of their staff and payroll progress. It’s a bit of a catch 22 - but KeyPay is on the case.

Restricted users in KeyPay

To eliminate security concerns, KeyPay provides a ‘restricted users’ option, which previously gave ‘read only’ access to employee details, such as address, contact phone numbers, email, date of birth, and emergency contacts. However, this lacked a bit of flexibility, and there was no ‘on/off’ switch for this function - it was default for all restricted users. In the interest of security and accessibility, a new feature has taken effect which provides 3 more options of accessing employee details.

Restricted users and access to employee details

Businesses have varying needs for their payroll set up, and so it’s important for payroll data access to be flexible to accommodate this. Some businesses may not want their ‘restricted users’ to access any type of employee details at all, whereas some may have operations set up in a way where they need restricted users to manage adding new employees or editing/updating existing employee details.

To cater to all business types, needs and operations, while mitigating security concerns, there will be 3 levels of access available:

  • Level 1 - View employee details: Restricted users with this permission will have read-only access to personal and emergency contact details of permitted employees
  • Level 2 - Edit basic employee details: Restricted users with this permission will have edit access to personal, emergency contacts, bank accounts, super (AU), KiwiSaver (NZ) details of permitted employees
  • Level 3 - Edit all employee details: Restricted users with this permission will have edit access to all employee details (similar to a full access user) of permitted employees

Our support articles give detailed information on how the new permissions will work across our regions: AU | NZ | SG | MY | UK

These new permissions provide greater flexibility to businesses and bureaus when configuring user access for employees, external parties or clients. Previously, users needed full access to edit employee details. Affording this functionality with restricted access completely removes any concerns about users having access to payroll settings or pay runs.

Kate Brown

Marketing Manager at KeyPay

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