Managing your caregiver team: 4 ways to improve efficiency

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Managing caregiver teams and support workers can be complex, time-consuming and stressful. Your staff may be made up of a few full-time employees, but the majority are casual workers with irregular hours and last-minute shift changes. This makes rostering difficult as you’re constantly rescheduling shifts across various locations, and sending emails or texts to staff each time the roster is changed. Paying staff under the SCHADS and Nurses Awards (among others) can be tricky - and costly, if you get it wrong.

Sounds familiar? Managing your employees can be stressful - but it doesn’t always have to be. By making a few changes to the way you operate, you could end up seriously cutting down costs and saving so much time. 

    1. Cut down on paper processes

Paper timesheets can be arduous, requiring staff to submit in-person or send photos of timesheets to managers - who then need to manually enter those hours into payroll. 

Why not move to online timesheets? This allows hours worked to be fed straight into payroll with minimal manual intervention. You can even digitise admin tasks such as onboarding documents or paper forms, to be stored online. This will minimise time spent on admin, improve organisation (no more filing cabinets or manila folders necessary), and save paper!

    2. Provide flexibility over rosters

Caregivers are often a highly casualised workforce - so shifts may frequently be cancelled or altered due to last-minute changes. If you’re still creating Excel-based rosters that require manual distribution and cross-checking of staff availability, you’re wasting valuable time. 

Opt to move your rosters online; by using an app or software with roster templates, you can shave time off the scheduling process. If possible, allow staff to bid or swap shifts themselves so that you can benefit from not needing to chase staff to fill shifts. You’ll also reduce the manual effort involved in rostering, as employees can be notified of any new shifts/rosters via automated emails and notifications.

     3. Work smarter, not harder

Modern awards are complex, and you may not have the budget or capacity to hire multiple people to run payroll. Find a solution that handles legislation and compliance for you, with automated calculations of awards. Most payroll software will interpret the SCHADS and Nurses awards (among others) for you, but it’s important to go one step further and find software that shows you exactly how shifts and pay have been calculated.

You’ll benefit from not needing to manually calculate pay rates, but you’ll also enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your staff are being paid correctly in every pay run.

     4. Let your workers take control  

Tired of paper processes and chasing caregivers for timesheets? Save time and frustration by enabling staff to clock in/out, enter timesheets, manage qualifications, update their own details, apply for leave and so much more.

By shifting the ownership to the employee, staff admin requests to managers can be completely eliminated. Your employees will also feel empowered in being responsible for their own data, so why not consider a self-service employee mobile app such as WorkZone?

Improving employee morale

Even implementing a few simple changes to the way you manage your team will have a positive effect on staff morale and retention. You’ll be less stressed and your workers will also benefit from knowing that their shifts, pay and internal processes are being managed efficiently.

The positive effects will even flow down to your clients - if your staff are happier, they’ll no longer be worrying about what’s going on behind the scenes. This means they’ll be able to provide exceptional care and enjoy peace of mind over all aspects of their job.

Change the way you work and pay

If you’re feeling unorganised when it comes to managing your caregiver team, it may be time to let someone else do the heavy lifting for you. As a business partner of ACSA (Aged & Community Services Australia), KeyPay understands what disability and aged care businesses need out of a payroll and workforce management platform.

Try KeyPay free for 30 days, to find out why we’re suitable for you and your caregiver team!

Sophie Borton-Sutherland

NZ Partner Marketing

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