KeyPay's payroll calendar feeds: Improving visibility of work anniversaries

Work anniversaries in KeyPay's calendar feeds

Payroll administrators always have to be on the ball. They need to know when the next pay run is due, what staff leave is upcoming, and, in some situations, like in Australia, they even need to know what birthdays are due to stay in compliance with certain Australian Modern Awards and pay rate changes.

At the same time, staff are always keen to know: when will I next be paid? When are my colleagues taking leave so I can work my holidays around them?

When it comes to managing all of these upcoming events, KeyPay aims to make this as easy as possible. Our calendar feeds functionality allows users to create calendar feeds for popular events so businesses can share important dates, without even having to be logged into the platform. With calendar feeds, payroll administrators, business owners and staff can have visibility of events such as birthdays, upcoming approved staff leave, and pay runs. These can integrate with personal calendars such as Apple calendar, Outlook, Google and Hotmail, for even more visibility.

Enhancements to KeyPay’s Calendar Feeds: Work anniversaries

Another thing payroll administrators often have to take into account when running payroll, is work anniversaries. It’s common for businesses to give pay increases on employees’ work anniversaries, or when employees are entitled to extra leave based on length of service on their ‘anniversary’ day. In order to further improve visibility, KeyPay has therefore added a new event type for calendar feeds to keep track of work anniversaries.

Why have work anniversary calendar feeds?

This feature allows users to select the below data types in reference to an employee’s anniversary date:

  • 'Start date' [all regions]
  • 'Anniversary date' [AU | SG | MY | NZ]
  • 'Continuous employment date' [UK only]

By having work anniversaries included in calendar feeds, staff and managers have better visibility and are able to plan ahead for things like annual reviews or pay increase discussions. 

What’s even better is that although calendar feeds bring visibility of key dates like work anniversaries, users also have the ability to actually automate any anniversary related actions in KeyPay, such as scheduling pay rate changes in advance!

All in a day’s work for KeyPay: streamlining payroll tasks and bringing value-adds to make life easier for payroll administrators. Additionally, this functionality has the employee in mind, and can improve employee morale. Business owners, managers and even employees in the company are able to see when an employee has reached their anniversary and therefore gives the opportunity to give employees a shout out for their service, or even organise an anniversary gift or celebration. 

Something that can seem quite basic for business owners, can truly be a positive experience for their employees. It’s all about the little value adds.

Take a look at our support articles on calendar feeds for more information: AU | SG | MY | NZ | UK

Kate Brown

Marketing Manager at KeyPay

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