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Posted on June 14, 2018
Payroll Management, Product – 1 MIN READ

EOFY: Publishing employee payment summaries

If you’re reading this End of Financial Year blog then you’ve probably done all of your reconciliation (if not, read here!). Once that is complete, the process is very straightforward. You will have the ability to view payment summaries yourself before they’re published to give you peace of mind. Once published, you can send a notification to employees at that time, or schedule for whenever you choose. The employee will also have access to their payment summaries if they go to the employee portal or in the WorkZone app.

Publishing employee payment summaries was previously a time consuming process, but now with KeyPay, it can be completed in a few simple clicks by following these steps:

Note: Please remember that employee payment summaries must be published by 14th July 2018.

If you’d rather follow a step by step guide, check out this article.

Confused about where to start with End of Financial Year? Check out our EOFY Resource Guide.

Posted on June 14, 2018