KeyPay's guide to End of Financial Year using Single Touch Payroll 2018/2019

KeyPay's Guide to End of Financial Year

This guide is specifically designed for payroll administrators that have already been reporting to the ATO using Single Touch Payroll for the 18/19 financial year.

It's that time of year again - end of financial year is upon us! This year should be much more enjoyable than previous for many businesses because it's the first time for many to be processing end of financial year through Single Touch Payroll! KeyPay is making EOFY an even more enjoyable task with its EOFY resources and EOFY STP wizard.

End of Financial Year with STP Guide

This guide will take you through lodging a finalisation event using KeyPay's EOFY STP wizard. It covers:

  • Performing a finalisation event using the EOFY wizard
  • Scenarios detailing when to generate payment summaries vs. STP
  • Issuing notifications to employees

Read the guide here.

Watch an EOFY and STP reporting webinar

We recently held a webinar to help guide our users through EOFY processing with STP in KeyPay using our EOFY wizard. If you missed it and would like to catch up - watch it here, or below.

As this year is the first year for EOFY STP reporting, there is still some uncertainty in the air. But fear not, we have the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about end of year reporting with STP in KeyPay. Take a browse here!

We hope this End of Financial Year guide makes end of year reporting with Single Touch Payroll as smooth as possible. Happy new financial year!

Kate Brown

Marketing Manager at KeyPay

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