Employees can now edit and upload their qualification documents!

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It may be coming towards the end of 2021, but KeyPay is still hard at work adding features and improving functionality for you! We've introduced yet another task that can be easily managed at an employee level, ensuring that you and your clients’ managers are not taken away from important duties that may require extra attention.

A time consuming task

Previously, clients were responsible for adding qualifications for their employees. This was a time consuming and often tedious task, as it required them to ask employees for their qualification information, add them to an employee's record, and monitor expiry dates to ensure that qualifications were still up to date.

With the amount of time and effort that was involved - and the added strain that was placed on clients and their outsourced payroll providers - we started to wonder whether there was an easier, quicker way to process qualification documents...

Improving processes through self service

Introducing our latest enhancement - employees now have the ability to add a new qualification and edit existing qualifications within the employee portal! Employees can now be empowered to take control of their personal data to save time and allow payroll providers and their clients to focus on important tasks at hand. Previously, the ability to add and upload qualifications could only be carried out by employee managers or full access users.

Once enabled at a business level, employees will see the 'Qualifications' option within their 'Documents' list, in the employee self service portal. Once selected, they have the option to add a qualification, edit or delete details. Employees may choose to edit the issue date, expiry date and reference field, as well as delete, view or add an attachment.

You will also notice that we've created a new field to display the issue date of the qualification within the employee portal, as well as providing an option for a notification to be sent to clients when an employee (that they supervise) updates their qualification. This can be managed from the full access/restricted users notifications settings page.

Enabling access for employees

The option to allow employees to edit, add and delete qualifications is not enabled by default. This can only be turned on at the discretion of full access users, via the 'Settings' page within the employee portal.

If your client requires qualifications for their employees who perform certain roles, the ability to upload their own documents will save a lot of time. The time saved will also allow you and your clients’ managers to focus on other important tasks, and streamline processes for everyone involved.

This feature will also be available in WorkZone at the end of January 2022.

For an overview of this new enhancement, take a look at our support articles here: AU | UK | NZ | SG | MY

Carly Harvey

Support at KeyPay AU


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