Double the roster templates, with half the effort!

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Have you thought you could use a copy or duplicate of yourself to make life a little easier? Whilst science is not KeyPay's area of expertise, payroll is! From the same team who brought you roster warnings, comes the latest addition to the rostering suite...the ability to copy/duplicate roster templates!

Scheduling employees can be one of the most time consuming tasks for your clients, which is why the option to create a template is so widely used. Templates allow you or your clients to see what shifts need to be filled at a glance, and easily allocate employees or send out roster bids. The frustration occurred when a fantastic (and detailed) template was created for one location, that then needed to be manually replicated for the business's remaining locations. This also wasted a lot of time, which is not what we're known for.

Saving time and reducing effort

What we are known for is being flexible and always offering our users the freedom of choice. Now, once a roster template is created, you can duplicate it and reuse it whenever you want using 2 easy methods:

  1. Within the roster template context panel: Just take a look at all of your existing roster templates and copy across the one you'd like to duplicate. You can even rename the new template and copy across the existing employees from the original template - no more manually re-creating shifts and assigning employees one by one! When copying the template, you can also remove employees if you don't want them to be assigned to shifts in your newly created roster.
  2. Within an existing roster template: Simply opt to duplicate from directly within the existing roster template! You can still change the template name and edit the assigned employees (the same as the alternative method above) - it's almost too easy.

What copies across to the new template?

Pretty much all of the data from the existing template that you copied! Aside from the new template name and assigned employees, all shifts - including break times, locations, work types, and more - will be copied across. If you or your client's existing template spans over a number of weeks or fortnights, the timeframe for these shifts will also be copied over. Once duplicated, you can continue to schedule shifts and build your roster - with minimal manual effort required.

And there you have it - no more manually adding shifts from a previous template and time wasted re-building an existing roster. Simply duplicate an already-created template and edit according to your scheduling requirements!

To learn more about this exciting enhancement, check out our support articles: AU | UK | NZ | SG | MY

Bec Allen

Support at KeyPay

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