Dealing with last minute leave in the UK

Dealing with last minute leave | KeyPay | Woman smiling at laptop holding a gift

The most wonderful time of the year has arrived. But as you enjoy the festivities, take a moment to think about your clients who might be feeling the heat as they race against time to make sure everyone is paid on time and accurately before everything closes.

If you’re an accountant, bookkeeper or bureau you aren’t alone if you’re stressed making sure everyone gets the time off they deserve, and that they’re paid on time during the winter holiday. Below are a few things for you to add to your checklist.

1. Configure bank holidays

Avoid unnecessary stress by making sure your payroll software is configured to calculate bank holiday rates such as Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. 

This year Christmas Day and New Year’s Day both fall on substitute days because the original date fell on the weekend. If you’re in Scotland, don’t forget that 2nd January is an additional bank holiday. 

With KeyPay, you can easily set pay conditions and set these to automatically pay employees at different rates for public holidays. Take a look at how you can easily configure bank holidays in KeyPay - giving you back more time to think about what’s ahead for 2023. 

2. Approve annual leave on time.

The winter holidays are a popular time of year to take leave. 

If you and your clients have a shutdown period over the festive break, you may want to remind clients to consider how much leave employees are allowed to carry over into 2023. 

Whether or not you and yours will have a shutdown period, make sure employees apply for leave in advance. Employees should give enough notice so that leave can be approved in advance to organise any rotas needed during the winter break, and pay employees on time and accurately. 

Using payroll software can easily shave off the admin time so that you can focus on the strategic planning needed for next year.

3. Don’t forget to schedule pay runs over the break

The stress during the run up to the holiday season can often dampen the festive vibe. Free up admin time and de-stress by scheduling-in pay runs. 

Use KeyPay so that you and your clients can configure tasks to run automatically during the holiday so that you can take a break, too. KeyPay can help with things such as:

Customise what needs to be automated and set a schedule to pay this in advance over the break. This reduces stress and admin time throughout the whole year. Not just the festive season.

Our top tip? Schedule payments to go out earlier than usual to avoid any outstanding conflicts with banks who will be closed during the Christmas holiday, so that employees will be paid on time without any challenges.

Experience less stress during the winter holidays with KeyPay

The festive season doesn’t need to be stressful. Organise payments and configure pay run schedules easily using KeyPay. 

With KeyPay, you’ll be confident that your software can handle complex payroll and HR scenarios with the Employment Hero integration throughout the year, not just during the festive break. Get more time back doing the things you should be prioritising and spend less time on admin.

From all of us at KeyPay, we wish you a restful and joyous holiday break and look forward to ringing in the New Year with you.

Justine Yuen

UK Content Specialist

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