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Clock Me In is the all new time and attendance app for KeyPay. Clock Me In was designed specifically for the iPad and makes it simpler than ever before to record your employee’s work hours.

Key Features

Seamless integration with KeyPay

Clock Me In was designed for KeyPay so getting up and running with your existing KeyPay account is as easy as entering your username and password into the Clock Me In app and either selecting an existing kiosk or setting up a new one.

Clock Me In kiosk

Once you’ve setup your kiosk, Clock Me In will display your employee list and their profile picture.

ClockMeIn will display your employee list

Confident clock events

When employees clock in and out with KeyPay, you can be confident that the data is accurate because KeyPay takes a photo and tracks the geo-location of every clock event. You can then review every clock event via the time and attendance report and even export it to excel for advanced analysis

Employee management at your fingertips

Clock Me In comes with a host of features to make it easy to manage your staff in real time. You can see the status of any employee right from the employee list or you can use the timeline view to see who is currently clocked in, who has left and who is due to come back from a break.

In addition, kiosk managers can perform clock events on behalf of employees so if an employee forgets to clock in at the start of a shift or leaves before clocking off, the manager can do this for them.

New starters are no problem

If you have a new starter that isn’t already set up in KeyPay, the employee quick add feature makes it easy to get them up and running for their first shift. Simply enter a few basic details about the employee and they’ll be able to record their time and provide the rest of their details to the payroll administrator at a later date.

Turbocharge your timesheets with these KeyPay Plus features

Once employees have clocked out of Clock Me In app you’ll be able to take advantage of these great features:

Access our ever expanding catalogue of modern awards which include:

Give managers access to review timesheets before processing them in a pay run.

Give managers access to review timesheets

Compare timesheet data to rostered shifts.

Compare timesheet data to rostered shifts

Automatically pay penalties, shift loadings and allowances using just the clock events from Clock Me In.

If you’re already on the KeyPay plus plan then you’re already able to use Clock Me In. If you’re on the standard plan, you’ll need to upgrade to the plus plan.

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