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Posted on February 28, 2018
Product, Time & Attendance – 2 MIN READ

Managers can use Live View to clock out their staff

We launched Live View last December and have received so much positive feedback, which we’re thrilled about. We have now added an enhancement allowing managers to clock out and discard shifts on behalf of employees!

As you would all be aware, employees can use Clock Me In or WorkZone to clock in/out and record their attendance. It goes without saying that employees will, at one time or another, forget to clock out upon finishing their shift. This results in:

  1. Employees having to discard the shift and manually enter a timesheet instead;
  2. Managers entering timesheets on behalf of employees when no timesheet is recorded;
  3. Employees eventually clocking out hours after their shift finished and then having to amend the timesheet.

Managers can now better manage what happens when a clock out does not occur. This aims to error proof the process and better streamline timesheet approvals.

How does this work?

When in Live View, managers can easily identify if employees have not clocked out after their rostered finish time:

Now, when you click on an employee’s record to view further details, you will see the options to clock out the employee or discard the employee’s shift:

Clock Out Employees

To clock out an employee on their behalf, simply click on “Clock Out Employee”. The following modal will appear:

Once you confirm by clicking on “Clock Out”, Live View will record the clocking activity and a timesheet will be created for that shift. At this stage, the manager can then proceed to approve the timesheet or amend the timesheet – both actions are performed via the Approve Timesheets screen.

Discard Shifts

It’s sometimes easier to discard a shift and create a timesheet when the employee has forgotten to clock out. To discard the shift, click on “Discard Shift”. The following modal will appear:

Once you confirm by clicking on “Discard Shift”, the clocking activity will be recorded in Live View and a timesheet will not be created. The manager can choose to create a timesheet on behalf of the employee or advise the employee to create the timesheet themselves.

This feature is a significantly beneficial, time saving tool for managers. Previously managers had to solely rely on employees remembering to clock out. Now they can keep track of missing clocking activities and rectify them immediately – all in real time.

Posted on February 28, 2018