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Posted on July 15, 2018
Product, Time & Attendance – 4 MIN READ

Clock Me In now makes it easier to manage employee timesheets

You know the drill… Employees inevitably forget to clock in/out thereby leaving managers with the rewarding task of adjusting timesheet entries before they can be approved. Previously, the process of fixing timesheets could not be done in Clock Me In. Our latest release however now makes this possible for managers and alleviates the back and forth between KeyPay and Clock Me In.

Let me take you down memory lane. Our last major feature release for Clock Me In included the ability for managers to:

  • clock in/out on behalf of employees; and
  • create timesheets on behalf of employees based on their rostered shifts.

We’ve ramped it up a few notches with this current release and further enhanced the above functionalities. Specifically, managers (ie Clock Me In admin users), when logged in to admin mode, will be able to:

  • clock in/out on behalf of employees using a specified start/finish time; and
  • create timesheets on behalf of employees using a specified start/finish time; and
  • edit submitted timesheets.

Clocking in/out on behalf of employees

There are several scenarios here where this feature is ridiculously beneficial! Consider this: employees are able to (a) clock in when starting their shift, (b) clock out when commencing their break, (c) clock back in when finishing their break and (d) clock out when finishing their shift. That gives the employee four opportunities (even more if they take multiple breaks) in one shift to forget to perform a clocking event.

Managers can now easily rectify these mishaps directly through Clock Me In by undertaking a clocking event on behalf of the employee and entering a specific time (as opposed to using the time the clocking actually took place).

Let’s say an employee started work and forgot to clock in. When in “Admin” mode, the manager can clock in on behalf of the employee and choose the following new option, “Clock In using Specified Time”:

The manager can then edit the clock in date and/or clock in time to reflect the actual clock in event:

Similarly, where employees are required to clock in/out during meal breaks and inevitably forget, the manager can perform this function for them.

When starting a break on behalf of an employee, the manager would select “Start Break using Specified Time”:

When ending a break on behalf of an employee, the manager would select “End Break using Specified Time”:

Lastly, when ending a shift on behalf of an employee, the manager would select “Clock Out using Specified Time”:

Creating timesheets on behalf of employees

There may be moments when an employee completely forgets to clock in/out for their shift. Previously, when this occurred the employee would have to create their timesheet via their employee portal or the manager would have to log into KeyPay and do this on the employee’s behalf.

Now, a manager can perform this task directly via Clock Me In. As per above, the manager will now see 2 timesheet options when clocking in on behalf of the employee:

  1. Create Timesheet: This option allows the manager to create a whole timesheet by entering a start and finish time and also adding breaks, as appropriate.
  2. Create Timesheet using Roster Shift: This is an existing feature and will appear if the employee has been rostered on that day. It allows the manager to easily create a timesheet based on the roster details.

Editing employee timesheets

We’re pretty confident this feature will get a lot of love! Whereby previously managers could only make amendments to timesheets in KeyPay, we’re now spreading that joy to Clock Me In as well. When a manager is in shift tracking view, they can easily see who is clocked in, when a shift ended and so forth. Now, they are also able to tap on a shift to access the timesheet details, as follows:

Tapping on “Edit” will open the timesheet in an editable format:

From the above screen, the manager can edit the start/finish times, edit break times, remove and/or add breaks. If the business has configured timesheet rounding rules, they will be applied to the timesheets. The manager can see the rounded timesheet times by tapping “Display rounded times”.

There are some exceptions to editing timesheets. These are:

  1. Only submitted timesheets can be edited. Any timesheet with a status other then “Submitted” will have no editing permissions.
  2. Where a kiosk has the setting “Restrict employees to approved locations only”, timesheets for other locations will not have editing permission. A manager will only be able to view these shifts.

You will know a timesheet cannot be edited when the lock icon is displayed on the bottom right hand side of the shift. You can see an example of this on the shift tracking view screenshot above – look at Ashley Bailey’s shift.

We’re very excited to be releasing these new admin user enhancements. For managers, it will eliminate the need of having to assign time each day to adjust timesheets in KeyPay. Managers can now make any adjustments or create timesheets in real time without the need of logging into another device.

Who can access these features?

Clock Me In is currently available to all KeyPay Plus users. If you’re not already taking advantage of CMI’s features, make sure to download the app here.

Businesses already using CMI will need to update to the latest version to access these new features. N.B. This is not required if automatic updates have been enabled.

Posted on July 15, 2018