Calculation transparency with the Timesheet Interpretation Context Panel

Bertie with a magnifying glass illustration on a piece of paper. KeyPay's Timesheet Interpretation Context Panel feature provides clarity on how timesheets have been interpreted each pay run.

When employees are attached to and paid by awards or pay condition rule sets, KeyPay would previously only display the name of the rule set in the pay run. There was no further information that informed users on how and why specific shifts have calculated a certain way. If a user wanted to obtain more details, they would have to navigate to the rules tester page and import employee timesheets to get an understanding of what rules were triggered that resulted in how the timesheets were costed. 

Introducing the Timesheet Interpretation Context Panel

Our new Timesheet Interpretation Context Panel feature (only available for pay runs created from the 15th August onwards) improves this user experience by allowing users to view how timesheets were costed on the same page as the specified pay run. 

Without users needing to navigate to the rules tester page and importing employee timesheets, the Timesheet Interpretation Context Panel feature eliminates another step in the payroll process, saving users more precious time. 

How it works

When users expand an employee’s pay run details and click on the rule set name, a context panel will appear detailing the rules that have been triggered for each timesheet.

The Timesheet Interpretation Context Panel is displayed on the same page as the pay run.

Apart from being available to users who utilise Australian awards, this feature is also available to all of our global users who utilise the pay condition rules sets functionality along with timesheets. 

Users can also export this data as an Excel file so it can be shared amongst the team easily.

For more details on how to access the details displayed by the Timesheet Interpretation Context Panel, check out the relevant support article for your region below: 

Carissa Tan

Marketing at KeyPay


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