Maximise efficiency by bulk importing Employee Advanced Standard Hours

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As accountants, bookkeepers or bureaus, we are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency and streamline processes, which means bulk importing! If we can bulk import or update data, we will! Am I right?

KeyPay allows users to bulk import various data files, including employees, opening balances, pay rate templates and much more. Importing employee data is one way that users are able to add new and update existing employee profiles in bulk. One exception to this is that the data included in the import/export files did not capture the employees ‘advanced standard hours'...until now.

If you've not used Advanced Standard Hours before, they are located in the employee's pay run defaults page and allow users to allocate specific hours, breaks and locations on different days across 2 separate weeks. Currently the advanced hours are not included in either the export or import options when managing employee records. This means that any changes need to be made manually for each employee.

What's new?

The new Advanced Standard Hours export/import feature will allow you and your clients to significantly decrease the time it takes to update employees' work week. Imagine: hours of operation have changed and you and your clients are updating the advanced standard hours for 50 employees. Some of the employees are changing and some are staying the same, however you and your clients need to review the current hours first. You and your clients are not able to export the existing hours, but need to manually access each employee's profile to review their current setup. Then when you and your clients are ready to edit, manual changes need to be made. What a headache!

Now, you and your clients can export the existing data, edit the document and reimport all within a few steps. The beauty of this new feature is just how much time it will save! But wait, there's more...

The best part: easy data matching!

In the past, KeyPay users were required to enter employee data in a specific format and save the file as Excel or CSV before being able to upload the document to KeyPay. This often meant copying and pasting information into the exported template, resulting in formatting or data entry errors.

Flexible employee payroll data imports

The Advanced Standard Hours import feature will be using a new flexible file import method that can be customised based on the user's file format. E.g. In the past, if you and your clients were using Micropay you and your clients would have to export your employee data, copy and paste the information into KeyPay's exported template and then upload it. Now, as long as the advanced importer is being used, a spreadsheet can be exported directly from Micropay into KeyPay. Once the spreadsheet has been uploaded, you and your clients will be able to review and edit data, map the columns and best of all, memorise the settings for future imports!

This new feature really is a two-for-one special, allowing KeyPay users to increase efficiency and reduce errors.

Find out more about this exciting feature via our support articles: AU | UK | NZ | SG | MY

Bec Allen

Support at KeyPay

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