5 Reasons to Embrace Employee Self Service

KeyPay employee self service

A frightening payroll horror story...

You’ve reached the end of the month and it’s time to process the pay run. You’re still waiting for several employee timesheets - some of the data has even been lost because they’re still using paper timesheets. You’ve received an abundance of emails from employees asking to update their address or change their bank details - and let’s not forget those who have lost their payslips and need another copy! While dealing with all of these requests and admin annoyances, you’ve got to get these people paid - and on time!

Have you been here before?

We often talk to employers and payroll professionals who deal with these sort of situations every day. Having to manage endless employee requests causes a lot of extra work which takes time away from focusing on what’s important - the pay run.

That’s why modern bureaus and organisations are moving more and more towards payroll software which offers Employee Self Service to relieve this stress. With a good Employee Self Service (ESS) payroll platform, the responsibility can then be shifted to the employee and improve payroll processes in lots of ways:

Save time and money

Save time and money

Payroll professionals spend a lot of time going back and forth with clients and employees to update information, source payslips and chase timesheet data. Those who rely solely on email updates regarding staff changes should instead be looking at how they can use technology to automate the process. A system that allows employees to view their payslips, update their personal information and even onboard themselves online will mean that payroll professionals will no longer have to spend hours managing these requests. In turn this will cut admin costs - so it’s a win-win.

Improve security

Data security is something that brings nerves to both payroll bureaus and employers alike. Individuals are becoming more concerned over what is done with their data as well as how it is stored, so it makes sense for payroll professionals to source a system that gives employees that instant access to their data via an employee portal. With ESS, you’re guaranteed to have that extra level of security and you won’t have to think about password-protecting or encrypting documents: employees can access and amend all of their data securely online.

Note: If you’re using a truly cloud-based payroll platform like KeyPay - rather than one that only offers cloud backup - it means you have maximum security for both storing and transferring data.

Notify employees

Keep employees up to date

With a great employee self service system, you will be able to notify employees of policy changes at the push of a button, eliminating the need to manually email them to distribution lists and having to monitor responses using excel. Once it’s sent out, employees can acknowledge or sign the document online and responses can be easily tracked.

KeyPay Clock Me In illustration

Easy time and attendance

Payroll professionals should evaluate the way employees are capturing timesheets, and source solutions that automate the flow of data between employee, employer, and payroll bureau. Using an Employee Self Service app such as WorkZone, you allow employees to manage these tasks straight from their smartphone - no more risk of losing timesheets in email, or even worse - losing a paper document!

KeyPay employee self service flow chart

Streamline your payroll journey

It’s common for payroll professionals to switch between multiple systems when processing a pay run. Instead, professionals should be using a system that captures the entire employee experience, including things like expenses and leave requests. By sourcing an all-in-one platform that manages the payroll journey from end to end, there’s much less chance of errors because double handling of data will be eliminated. Think of all the time that could be saved!

Look back to the payroll horror story at the beginning of this blog - do you think you could be improving your processes? If you’re finding yourself bogged down by employee requests and admin tasks, it might be time to look for a payroll software that will automate these processes and empower the employees to manage their own data - so you have more time to focus on adding value to your business.

Kate Brown

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