4 Features to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Payroll Solution

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There are many benefits that come from introducing cloud solutions to a business, including streamlined communications, 24/7 remote access, and frequent updates to functionality, but with multiple payroll providers in the market today, it can be difficult to know which platform is best for you and your clients. Here are 4 features to consider when choosing a cloud payroll solution to ensure it is right for you now and in the future. 


As technology continues to advance and transform the way we work, users are benefiting from advanced automation in most cloud solutions. Features such as automated payrolls, timesheets, and reporting are reducing manual input, improving accuracy, and enhancing user experience more than ever before. When comparing payroll solutions, consider the ability to customise the level of automation, this will ensure absolute confidence over your processes even if your operations grow or change. 


For businesses operating in multiple states or even multiple countries, payroll legislation and compliance can often be a gruelling, time-consuming task with high risk associated with it. Choosing a cloud solution that offers automated compliance and legislation features removes risk and time spent researching, and ensures you and your clients are always working in accordance to the latest changes. 


One of the most appealing benefits to cloud solutions is their potential for integrating into existing software. Cloud solutions offering integration functionality can drive value for organisations, allowing them to introduce new technology and enhance the use of existing ones. Businesses can simply use pre-built integrations to connect to their favourite high-performing cloud solutions.

Payroll solutions typically integrate with accounting and HR platforms to provide businesses with an all-in-one solution. When comparing payroll providers, consider the available integrations and whether the solution could work well with any existing software.


A difficult task when choosing new software for you or your clients is ensuring that it’s a worthwhile investment for the long-term. Business priorities might change unexpectedly, or there might be high growth expected in the future. Choosing a payroll solution that is highly scalable will ensure that you pay only for what you need in the short term, but have the ability and flexibility to scale operations at any time.

Choosing a payroll solution that offers automation, compliance, integration, and scalability, will not only offer reduced operating costs and save time on manual tasks, but also provide the foundation for organisations to be truly scalable and agile long-term. Organisations embracing cloud payroll software can be confident that the change will incur little disruption and be a worthwhile investment for years to come.

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Fiona Passaris

AU Partner Marketing Manager

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