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Posted on September 8, 2018
Employee Self-Service, Product ‚Äď 2 MIN¬†READ

3 new email notifications to help keep track of employee updates

We understand that it can be hard to keep track of when employee details are updated. This is especially the case when a business uses several mechanisms to allow employee updates: a full access user updating directly in KeyPay or from another external system and employees themselves updating through the employee portal or another external system. In order to get back that control and transparency, we have added 3 new email notifications that will update you immediately of any changes to employee details.

What are the 3 notifications?

These notifications can be configured via the “My Notifications” screen and relate specifically to when an existing employee’s:

  1. personal details are added and/or changed;
  2. bank details are added and/or changed;
  3. super fund details are added and/or changed.

Please note:

  • These¬†notifications are switched off by default so you will need to activate them via “My Notifications” to start receiving the emails.
  • New employees added to the system will not trigger a notification email.

Who can receive these notifications?

Both full access users and restricted users can set up these notifications.

However, restricted users only have access to receive notifications when employee personal details have been updated. The reason for this is that restricted users do not have access to an employee’s bank account or super fund details.

You can also choose to have employees¬†(that is, the employee whose details have changed) receive email notifications. To activate this option, you need to tick the setting “Send employees a notification when their¬†personal, bank account, or super fund details are updated” via the¬†Employee¬†Portal Settings¬†screen. Only employees with¬†an email recorded in their file who also have employee portal access will receive email notifications.

What information is included in these email notifications?

We’re keeping the content short and sweet! An example of what the email contains is as follows:

The above email is the format sent to full access and restricted users. It details the employee name and what section has been updated. It also includes a link that directs the user to the relevant screen so the details can be reviewed.

Users can also access the Employee Details Audit Report to see exactly what has been changed, by whom and when.

An example of the email notification sent to the employee is as follows:

Again, you can see that the employee can click on the link to direct them to the relevant screen so they can review their details.

For a full list of email notifications that can be configured, refer here.

Posted on September 8, 2018