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Episode 1 | KeyPay's Richard McLean: The "No one's gonna die" attitude

When we decided to start The Pay Off Podcast, we wanted to bring in lots of guests from a range of industries - anyone with an inspiring story or an interesting background. For our very first interview, we thought there would be no better way to set the scene for the podcast than to invite our very own Richard McLean - one of the co-founders of KeyPay - to the podcast hot seat.

We do things differently at KeyPay. We take an unconventional approach to the way we work.

We work remotely online; we tend to not have meetings (or pointless ones); we have a lot of freedom in the way we do our work - and don’t follow process for process’ sake. 

Rich and the other co-founders (Phil Bernie, Paul Duran and Kristian Reynolds) all believe that happy and engaged employees will create success. In our chat with Rich we cover the importance of people and forming a good workplace culture.

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How do we create the right work environment?

1. Be human-centric

What does this mean? Well, the majority of business decisions are made by humans. We say ‘majority’ here, because with the rise of Artificial Intelligence, a lot of decisions are now being made by robots… but perhaps that’s for another podcast. Often in business, we can forget that people aren’t robots - but we have feelings, different drives, and different things going on in our lives outside of work. Remembering to have that human-centric approach allows us to think differently about the way we work. Trust your employees, treat them with respect and that respect will be returned.

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2. Turn tradition on its head

The word ‘resource’ is often used in traditional business to describe people who are responsible for completing different tasks. But what if you turned that on its head, and said that the people aren’t the resource, but the business is? Think less about creating a business, and more about creating a business that people want to work in. The business is the resource - and the people leverage that to create success.

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3. Don’t take things too seriously

At the end of the day, we’re not saving lives (if you actually own a business that helps save lives, then we stand corrected) - so why do some people in business take things so seriously? Sure - we completely understand the importance of meeting deadlines, kicking goals and ensuring we have a return on investment. But don’t expect people to kill themselves to achieve these things. Foster a work environment that’s fun, empathetic, and allows people to try new things without the option of failing being one to be feared.

There is no right or wrong approach to business (and we love hearing about the nontraditional ones!), but ensuring that it’s people-focused seems like a no-brainer to help contribute towards a happy and successful workplace.

Say hello to us

These are just a few insights from our conversation with Rich - we hope you enjoyed it, and if you did, please feel free to share, and let us know your own takeaways from the episode!

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