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Episode 4 | CEO & Founder Hayley Saddington: Being driven by your mission

Hayley Saddington is an award-winning Med-Tech entrepreneur and the founder of HALO Medical Devices. HALO is best known for revolutionising the goniometer, a tool used by medical professionals to measure joint movement and assist in injury recovery. 

Before Hayley and her team got involved, the manual goniometer, which had an error range of up to 35 degrees, had remained virtually unchanged for over 40 years. Using laser-based technology, HALO created a new goniometer, which is accurate to within just 1 degree. 

During this episode of The Pay Off podcast Hayley, who started her journey as a physiotherapy student, joins us to discuss how she used her life experiences as inspiration on her quest to help others.

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Find your ‘Why’

Hayley, who grew up in rural Western Australia, first came into contact with the medical device world when her father was seriously injured on their farm. Hayley, just ten years old at the time, witnessed the accident and had to run across the paddock to seek help. Hayley was struck by the importance that physiotherapy played in her father’s recovery; she wanted her dad to have access to the very best care and that really made an impression on her.   

Later, Hayley went on to study physiotherapy at university but while in her fourth year, endured a life altering event, when tragically, she lost her then partner. The loss had a profound effect on the direction of both her life and career. Hayley received an inheritance and felt an overwhelming desire to do something good with it. 

Hayley says it was these difficult and tragic events that helped her find her purpose and discover her ‘why’; something she believes is an imperative step for every CEO and founder. 

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Learn to trust your instincts 

As an entrepreneur, you’ve got to remain flexible and take feedback from the people around you if you want to be successful in your chosen mission, but Hayley believes there’s also value in listening to your gut and tapping into that part of you that inherently knows what to do. During our chat with Hayley, she told us how she instinctively knew to stick with the core idea for the goniometer. Her gut told her to move forward with that focus, but at the same time remain open to suggestions for improvement or adaptation.

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Don’t fear failure 

If you’re going to innovate you can’t be afraid of a little failure. It comes with the territory; but as Hayley pointed out, it’s how you react to failure that dictates whether your business will be successful or not. You’ve got to be receptive to the lessons failure teaches you so you don’t repeat the same mistakes. Failure can be a valuable accelerator for growth - if you listen. If you’re aware of what went wrong you can take that experience onto the next.

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Tragedy can break you down or make you stronger, and in this instance, Hayley channelled her experiences and took meaning from what she’d been through in order to connect with her purpose. We hope you’ll feel as inspired by Hayley’s story as we were. 

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