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Bonus Episode | Owner of Fabulous Catering, Adam Pope: Innovating through challenging times

We’ve officially entered the unknown. Together, everyone on earth is experiencing - to differing degrees - something we’ve never experienced before. The way we live our lives has changed, and for how long we can only guess, speculate, and listen to what the experts and our governments tell us. We’ve watched as businesses attempt to bend and morph around this new way of living in order to keep going for as long as possible, and we've heard of others that haven't been so lucky. 

In this bonus episode of The Pay Off Podcast, Adam Pope, owner of Fabulous Catering, joins us virtually, by the socially distanced power of the internet, to explain how he transformed his catering business into a fully operational, online meal service, practically overnight. 

Moving quickly to make it work

Initially, Adam, who has a positive and optimistic nature, never thought this mysterious virus could grind the Australian events industry to a halt. But when the announcement came that gatherings of more than one hundred people would be banned, Adam, whose business depends largely on catering for weddings and similar functions, knew he had to act quickly. 

Banding together to transform 

Adam told us that, in addition to his quick thinking, it was his team and their flexibility that allowed the business to transform into something almost entirely new in such a short space of time. Just like society as a whole, Adam and his team share one goal: to get through the COVID-19 crisis together, intact. 

Survive today; thrive tomorrow

Adam and the team at Fabulous Catering are, as he told us, just using what they have to get by, to stay afloat and survive today so that they can thrive again in the future. 

It would be naive and offensive for us to suggest that every business has the option to get online, to transform, to keep going; but here at KeyPay we can’t help but feel inspired by the hoards of businesses that are doing just that. 

To grab yourself an everyday meal pack, or special occasion fine dining experience, visit Fabulous Catering. Or, if you’d like to hear more about businesses transforming to survive check out @keypayapp on our socials, where we share stories of small business resilience and creativity in the face of hardship. 

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