1. Partner onboarding checklist

KeyBot holding a checklist

Welcome to the KeyPay Value-Added Reseller (VAR) partner program! Whether your business is accounting, bookkeeping, payroll outsourcing, or business solutions, KeyPay’s Value-Added Reseller (VAR) partner programs offer the tools and support to maximise your business growth and revenue.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be helping to get your business set up and sorted, ready for you to begin to manage client payroll through KeyPay.

1. Review the Partner Onboarding Checklist
Once we’ve received all of this information, we’ll set you up and hand you the ‘keys’ to your shiny new payroll system.

2. Set up billing
You’ll need to pop your credit card details in the reseller settings section of your account in order to activate your account.

3. We’ll introduce you to our Partner Manager
Your KeyPay Partner Manager is here to guide you through the partner onboarding process.

4. Get your hands dirty!
We'll supply you with a bunch of resources to get you started. If you’re a keen bean, here they are:

5. Sign up for our Getting Started Webinar
This hour-long webinar is designed to guide you through the common features that will see you saving time on payroll in no time. AU

6. Set up a meeting with your Partner Manager
Over the course of 45-60mins, your Partner Manager will guide you through the numerous resources that are available to you.

7. Familiarise yourself with the support process
As your client's payroll system provider you're responsible for providing all payroll system support to your end users. Your payroll champions can get in touch with our support team for level 2 payroll system support in the event that the answer cannot be found in our support articles.

8. Jump on our partner directory!
Once you’re feeling comfortable with the software, you might be looking to grow your service. Want another way to drive more payroll customers to your firm? Why not take up the option to join our Partner Directory - it’s totally free!

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In order to get your branded payroll solution fully set up for you, there are a few things that we’ll you to provide:

Your logo
Size: 250 x 50 pixels, format: jpeg or png

This is the little icon that sits in your browser tab and bookmarks bar.
Size: 16 x 16 pixels, format: jpeg or png

Support email address
This is the email address of the person who will be able to escalate support questions to our support team.

Billing name
Who do you want invoices to be sent to?

Preferred URL
As part of your branded solution, you can set up a unique sign in URL. You can either use:

  • AU: xxx.yourpayroll.com.au (with xxx being your business name), or payroll.xxx.com.au (this latter option is AUD$200 per annum incl. GST for the hosting fee)
  • NZ: xxx.yourpayroll.co.nz or payroll.xxx.co.nz (this latter option is NZD$200 per annum excl. GST for the hosting fee)
  • UK: xxx.yourpayroll.co.uk or payroll.xxx.co.uk (this latter option is £150 per annum excl. VAT for the hosting fee)
  • SG: xxx.yourpayroll.io or payroll.xxx.sg (this latter option is SGD$200 per annum excl. GST for the hosting fee)

Payroll Champion email addresses
Please note a Payroll Champion will be the only point of contact between your business and KeyPay Support. You can nominate a minimum of 1 champion and a maximum of 3 champions.