Automated leave calculations

Yes, you read it correctly - completely automate employee leave calculations, with peace of mind that you’re compliant with the Holidays Act! We’ve yet to find a system that streamlines leave calculations (and ensures compliance) like KeyPay.

Configure and go

With a one-off configuration, you can set up your employees in the system, confirming their contracted hours and defining their standard working day hours. KeyPay then applies the allocated leave entitlement automatically at the correct time for each employee.

KeyPay allows you to configure the applicable calculation method to be applied in a pay run for daily based and weekly based leave, specific to your employees. By interpreting your employees’ historical data and leave confirmed, KeyPay automates the relevant calculations - so you don’t have to. You can even set up irregular employees, and KeyPay automatically applies the 8% PAYG in lieu.

Easy employee data imports

Easily import employee historical pay data to the cloud with KeyPay’s template. Complying with the Holidays Act 2003, KeyPay uses this data to accurately calculate and determine compliant holiday pay.

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Accurate and accessible data

Our all-in-one system streamlines employee data, maintaining updates and employee data changes in real time. This ensures easy access to data anytime, anywhere, and leave entitlement calculations are always completed using accurate information.

Calculation transparency

Nervous about labour inspector audits? Worried your system isn’t calculating leave correctly? No problem - KeyPay is completely transparent, breaking down leave calculations to show exactly how each amount is determined.

leave calculation transparency

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“KeyPay is just very easy to use and the system is descriptive, providing clients with insight to how figures are calculated.”

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