Easy calculations

KeyPay’s all-in-one cloud platform automatically calculates tricky KiwiSaver, PAYE, student loan and ACC deductions using real-time data. We're providing complete calculation transparency and detailed support documents so you know exactly what to do for KeyPay to calculate leave accurately. Our cloud platform is always up to date with tax rates, so you never need to worry. 

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Payday filing

New Zealand employers have been obliged to have Payday filing compliant payroll software since 1 April 2019. KeyPay’s intuitive cloud software covers all of your IRD reporting needs and gives you peace of mind.

KeyPay connects to the Inland Revenue's Gateway Services via an API so IRD reports can be submitted directly. This removes the need to manually upload files via your MyIR portal, and allows seamless data transfer and the ability to easily report new and departing employees, or amend existing employee information.

Bonus - KeyPay’s Payday filing comes at no extra cost to your subscription!

Pay conditions

Automate payroll decision making and remove the need to manually calculate employees’ terms of employment. KeyPay’s pay conditions engine integrates seamlessly with rostering, showing real-time costs of employment based on location specific conditions, public holidays, shiftworker conditions and more.

Employers have full visibility of costs and can make informed decisions on staffing without the manual calculations. Compliance is guaranteed with no need to check indescrepencies between systems.

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“There are so many ways in which you can make payroll errors, so to have a system which is reliable and accurate takes a lot of stress off trying to work it out yourself.”

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