Cloud payroll software designed for accountants

KeyPay is the first true cloud payroll software in New Zealand that’s designed specifically for accountants and outsourced payroll providers. Providing full visibility of client pay runs, streamlining processes and automating compliance and calculations, KeyPay offers unprecedented value for your payroll outsourcing business.

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True cloud payroll

Escape the desktop and part-cloud systems and move your payroll outsourcing business entirely to the cloud. All payroll documentation is securely recorded and available for your clients from a mobile app or employee self service portal. Increase client trust with real time visibility across all stages of the pay run. Scaling with your business, there are no limits to how many clients you can manage in KeyPay.

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All-in-one system

Why waste your time inputting payroll data such as timesheets into your payroll system, when you can have everything all-in-one? Consolidate all payroll processes into one system, save time and ensure complete payroll accuracy. KeyPay has everything you need to manage payroll seamlessly across all of your clients:

Leave management
Time and attendance
Employee self service
Mobile apps
Document management
Guaranteed compliance

Security and compliance

New Zealand payroll compliance isn’t easy - unless you use KeyPay! Our cloud payroll platform complies with NZ legislations, making compliance as simple as possible, and ensuring payroll accuracy. Ensure confidential and sensitive employee data is safe in our cloud-secure platform.

Automated employment conditions
Accurate leave calculations and accruals
Payday filing report generation
PAYE deductions
ISO 27001:2013 Certified
SSL Encryption
Data Security
auto enrollment keypay

Automated pay runs

KeyPay is revolutionising the payroll market with automated pay runs. This first of its kind automation removes all the painful parts of payroll processing - from start to finish. Pay runs can be set up automatically, and bureaus are only notified when the pay run is finished, or more data is required. No manual intervention necessary!

Some areas that can be fully automated:

Create the pay run
Import timesheets
Apply leave requests
Finalise pay run
Generate Payday filing report (to upload to IRD portal)
Publish pay slips
Post payroll journal into accounting platform
Send report packs

Bank files

After the pay run, automatically and easily generate bank files for your clients, using a number of approved NZ financial institution formats:

ANZ Domestic Payment
Westpac Deskbank
ASB Standard Bulk Payments
KiwiBank GIFTS
KeyBot holding onto NZ bank files

White label

KeyPay offers a white label service, automating your payroll and compliance needs and giving you more time to focus on growing your payroll outsourcing business.
Value-add: Offer payroll as part of your services and enhance value to your clients. Expand your client based with our flexible cloud platform.
Branding: add your brand to the platform, and our system will do the tricky stuff.
Support: Receive premium partner support so you can solve your clients’ questions quickly and accurately.
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